Thursday, May 28, 2009

LinkFest, Preceded by an Update of my Life

I've been a bit quieter than usual the last couple of days, but don't fret--I've missed you every second. :o)

Sean's bout with Pukinson's Disease did not infect affect the rest of us (yay), but it's taken him a while to get fully over it, poor thing. He has been extra snuggly (which I enjoy in spite of the circumstances--you moms know what I mean) but he has also been extra restless at night. As a result, I think I got approximately 45 minutes of sleep last night. At least, that's what it feels like.

But we've managed to have a fun week! I'm LOVING our new summer schedule. Ryan has taekwondo on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for 45 minutes, and Morgan has ballet on Wednesday afternoons. After her big recital in a couple of weeks, ballet will be done for a few months, and then it'll just be TKD. I'm not sure she'll want to take ballet again--she seems interested, but I wonder if she'll want to try something else.

So with our newfound free time, we attended our homeschool playgroup on Tuesday afternoon--in the pouring rain! Over the past few years, I've gotten to know some very nice people through our homeschool group, which is "inclusive"--did I mention that? "Inclusive" means that anyone of any faith--or lack thereof--may join. So there are atheists and pagans and Christians and Jews and Buddhists and I'm sure a zillion other things. Which is fine--nobody seems to care that we are atheists--it's one of the few places where I feel completely comfortable just saying that word (not that I don't say it, it's just there is often an awkwardness, if you know what I mean).

But I digress.

We spent Tuesday afternoon getting completely soaking wet and it was the most fun ever. :o)

Yesterday, I spent a goodly portion of my day decrapifying my house. I got rid of two bags of trash out of the playroom alone (there's a playroom post coming soon) and filtered through some more things to donate or just plain get rid of. It is a wonderful feeling, and today I did more of the same. I predict a similar plan for tomorrow, and then tomorrow night we're going to see a Beatles cover band at the town square in Marietta, if the weather cooperates.

What else? Oh yeah. I was planning to make my Thanksgiving turkey, but those plans got derailed. Oh sure, it's May and all--but this is the turkey I forgot to take out of the freezer in time last November and we have 1/4 of a cow headed our way early next week, so I needed to make it finally. But when I opened the deep freezer (in our garage), I discovered that the whole thing was turned off and everything in the freezer had thawed and was dripping nastiness everywhere! Fortunately, we only lost the turkey and a few smaller items.

Poor Brendan came home tonight and got to clean out the freezer, since I couldn't figure out a way to do that while keeping the baby away from me at the same time!!!!! I'm sad to have wasted the turkey and other things, but hey--at least our freezer is good and ready for this cow on Monday! What happened was the ground-fault-protection-thingy (the official name, I believe) got tripped the other day while Brendan was using the circular saw to cut some retaining wall blocks for our front/side yards. Only, obviously, we didn't know it. :o(

Oh hey! I promised you some links, so without further ado (because I've ado'd enough, don't you think?):

The Objectivist Round Up is at Ramen & Rand!

The Living with Food Allergies Blog Carnival is at Corn Allergic!

Amy wrote a great response to my television post from the other day!

And a picture of a toddler pretending to nurse her baby doll
has shocked and awed some really uptight people who think that it's horrible and shocking and possibly perverted. OMG. Kids who see Mommy give their baby brothers/sisters a bottle--pretend to give their baby dolls bottles. Kids who see Mommy give Baby Brother/Sister breastmilk--pretend to give their baby dolls breastmilk.

Or, in Ryan's case, he used to pretend to nurse his Green Bunny. Or, in Morgan's case, her stuffed dogs. Is that even more perverted, since they pretended to nurse animals?

I simply cannot believe that people are this, this, this . . . boneheaded, but there you have it.

Bye for now!


Monica said...

Oh my god. When you mentioned the word turkey, I just remembered that I had been thawing a turkey for the cats about 3 days ago. And guess what. It is still in the garage, well thawed right now. And probably very stinky.

CRAP. I'd give it to the dog but the dog won't eat turkey. Oh, and garbage day was today so it's going to have to sit in the garage garbage can for a week now. Double CRAP.

Nowheymama said...

We have a friend who used to breastfeed a plastic dinosaur. :)

Sorry I missed the Carnival!

Jane Anne said...

A few things -

I need to decrapify my house, too. Love that word!

When you said Thanksgiving Turkey, I immediately glanced up to see if somehow I ended up on an old post.

I cannot believe people were outraged at the nursing picture! Give me a break. If anything, it's an adorable picture. Kudo's to that toddler's mom!

(Oh, and I am sorry I missed the carnival, too! One of these days I will have it on my virtual calendar and submit a post!!)

Maartje said...

Speaking of decrapifying: My fiancee and I have been cleaning up forever and we've tossed so much stuff out! :) It really feels quite good to do that, doesn't it? =D

Jason Dixon said...

Not to focus on the, er, nonessential things in your post (which was great, by the way!), but now I love you for three more reasons:

1. a goodly portion of my day
2. decrapifying my house
3. ground-fault-protection-thingy