Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pics of the Weekend

We had a very eventful weekend, and I'm inspired to put these pictures on my blog since my sister some of you don't follow me on Twitter or on Facebook. :o)

From the concert at Marietta Square the other night (it was a Beatles tribute band--yay):

Ryan sans knees in trousers (this one's for you, Tenure!):

There's Ryan! We're waiting for the Beatles tribute band to p... on Twitpic

Morgan, before she fell ill:

Morgan on the train at Marietta Square! on Twitpic

Sean, not on top of the train:

Sean is excited for his first concert! on Twitpic

Ryan lost his first top tooth:

Mind the Gap! The two on either side are loose, too, so that ... on Twitpic

Morgan drew a dog for Brendan:

Having an artistic morning. Here's Morgan's creation. #fb on Twitpic

Ryan drew some Minutemen:

Ryan drew a battle scene (enemy in front of fence). #fb on Twitpic

My apologies to those of you who find these redundant--I trust you'll just skip on over this post to something less repetitive!


Jane Anne said...

He lost his first tooth! That's such a special time. I am a sucker for pictures that my kids draw. I just love them. Best gifts ever!

Michael Labeit said...

Tell Morgan that her 2-dimensional illustration of a member of the oppressed canine species is an ebullient example of an exhaustive yet concise post-post-postmodern depiction of the plight of a peaceful, sentient creature at the hands of a base, morally filthy, anti-ecological, animal-hating capitalist social system propped up by wealthy Washington plutocrats, Zionist Jews, and the Skippy Peanut Butter Lobby. Ahh, so she interprets the recogition of the repression of working class pets as an extension of Marx's exploitation theory regarding the entrepreneurial confiscation of the surplus value generated by the proletariat-class. No doubt she feels that only a systematic redistribution of wealth declared by legislation and administered by the executive must commence in order to mitigate the macroeconomic destruction wraught by income inequality and that pets who offer their labour services should be compensated justly through the imposition of a animo-centric living wage which would transcend the normatively depraved effects of market fundamentalism established and nurtured by the elites.

Tell Ryan that his over-romanticized display of Minuteman is a perceptual advertisment for American imperialism and foreign intervention aimed at the global, hegemonic supression of black folk, brown folk, blackish-brown folk, brownish-black folk, red folk, yellow folk, green folk (the complete underreporting of the discovery of a tribe of indigenous natives within Brazil who possess a green skin pigment is most lamentable but predictable in our racist society), gay folk, lesbian folk, bisexual folk, trisexual folk, quadsexual folk, transexual folk, cybersexual folk, robosexual folk (it has been shown that intercourse with lubed, mechanized equipment and various other miscellaneous industrial-grade paraphrenalia is an effective means of liberationist protest), gender-neutral folk, gender-indistinct folk, man-loving boys, boy-loving men (studies show that romantic man-boy relationships, though criminalized by totalitarian racists, can lower one's cholesterol as well as reduce one's auto insurance premiums), and many other innocent people. How dare you provide him with a free medium with which to spew this flagrant hatred. I take it that you will apply the appropriate parental disciplinary measures to counter this incipient intolerance!!! Angry face (-_-)!

Black power, down with racism, and hate whitey!!!