Sunday, May 17, 2009

Two Important Things

Important Thing #1

Today is Brendan's birthday! He told Morgan that he's 28 and she said, "Wow! That's old!" But she means that as a compliment, since to children, getting older is always, always good. :o) Think how much more impressed she would have been if he had told her that he is, in fact, 38 today! We love birthdays around here. Both older kids have been referring to Brendan as the "Birthday Boy" all day. On the Birthday Deck: Sean--next month!

Important Thing #2

We had a nice meeting this afternoon with a lovely group of people, and it appears that the Atlanta Objectivist Society is officially launched! Seventeen people (22, if you count the kids) made the effort to come to the park on an unusually cold and rainy May day. Not a bad crowd, really. We are planning a few more social gatherings soon, and if I can get my act together, we'll get the website with an events calendar going in the next couple of weeks so we can keep track of all of these great happenings, and advertise them, too. Of course, I'll announce the site as soon as it's live. I'm excited!

Bonus Important Thing

Time for a glass of wine and some Heroes! Brendan and I just started watching this series (so don't tell me what happens) and it's really good!


Anonymous said...

I made the mistake of downloading Heroes to my IPod just as my wife and I were leaving for our vacation to Lake Tahoe. I kept getting kindly reminders to put away the IPod as we were about to head out to do something outdoors. It is incredibly addictive.

Travis N said...

The first season of Heroes was, indeed, excellent. Like some other shows with good first seasons, though, (ahem, Lost) it gets much worse in subsequent seasons -- probably because the show got picked up with a multi-year contract, and so the writers basically went into "stall" mode for years and years. But enjoy the first season!

Rational Jenn said...

Hi Anon, and Travis, thanks to both of you for stopping by.

I have heard the depressing news about the subsequent seasons of Heroes. Sigh. We were so disappointed in Lost that we only made it halfway through the second season.

You know what had two great seasons? Veronica Mars. Have you seen that show? That was a really good show. We might have to go back and watch it again if we decide not to try the second season of Heroes.

But I'm going to be like Scarlett O'Hara and think about the decline of Heroes tomorrow, for I love it so today! :o)

Stella said...

Awesome on the Atlanta Objectivist Society! It's such fun to spend time with other rational folk on a regular basis.