Friday, May 01, 2009

Weird. Huh.

Sean's chair came yesterday! Each of the older kids has a little chair that is soft and snuggly, big yet portable, and Sean is getting his for his first birthday. (Wow! It seems so strange to be thinking about Sean's First Birthday. Where did the time go?)

Sure, sure, he won't be 1 until mid-June, but sometimes there's a backlog at Pottery Barn and I wanted to make good and sure he had his chair in time. And also, I had a gift card that was about to expire, and I wanted the chair to be pretty much almost free. :o)

So it arrived yesterday, in a big enormous box, which the delivery peopleguy stashed by our garage, a little bit behind our garbage can. I saw it when we returned from soccer yesterday but got busy and it wasn't until Brendan got home that I remembered to bring it in. I picked up the box and Brendan glanced at the side facing him and said, "Um, Jenn? Do you see what is written here?"

In large letters that take up the entire side of the box (which is probably 2.5' x 2.5' x 2.5'), two very un-nice words were scrawled. In adult handwriting. Two words I don't believe either of my kids or their friends would know exactly how to write (the first word was "DUMB" and I know nobody would have put that 'B' on there). Plus, it is definitely NOT kid penmanship. High school/middle school kid maybe, but then . . . why?

So, what the? The words are written over the packing tape, so I don't really think I can blame Pottery Barn. They were written on the side facing away from us, not on that portion of the box not obscured by the garbage can, so I can't think it was meant for display to the neighborhood.

It's just a weird little thing, one that I'm likely to forget all about, so that's part of the reason I'm writing about it. So if something else like that happens again to us or our neighbors, then, you know, we'll remember.

And now I'm going to proceed with my regularly scheduled Friday! Garage sale tomorrow--I've got tons o'crap I need to get rid of. Wanna come and take some of it off my hands?


Burgess Laughlin said...

If the words were written on the box after it was placed on your property, that means someone is trespassing--and long enough to write a message.

That is disturbing.

P. S. -- The most chilling piece of "writing" I have seen was almost fifty years ago, when I was fifteen. On the inside of a standard high school history text, these words were scrawled in malformed block letters:


As the years went by, I came to see that as the epitome of the worst sort of conservatives in that milieu: anti-book, anti-literate, and anti-intellectual.

Monica said...

Probably some nasty little teenager... hopefully.

Yay for garage sales! Isn't it great to get rid of junk? I always feel so free afterward.

Kelly Elmore said...

I don't find it so disturbing. I mean it's disturbing in the sense that someone is mean enough to want to write nasty words on someone else's box. But not disturbing safety wise. There are kids plenty old enough to be writing that running all over your neighborhood all the time. I'm sure it was just a stupid prank.

Rational Jenn said...

Hi Burgess! I really do think it's probably a teenage prank, but it is a little disturbing. I'll be keeping an eye on the front of the house a little more closely--and the kids, too. We have a very safe neighborhood where the kids can be free to play in our yard, but this little incident is making me question that premise a little more closely. I really hate that!

By the way, I never thanked you for your comments recently on the video I posted. I do appreciate your taking the time to leave the comments and I thought your remarks were very interesting. So thank you!

Monica--yes! I'm very excited to be getting rid of things. Now if I can just get the older kids to that same level of helps that most of the stuff we're selling is grownup stuff, but they still have a hard time letting go gracefully. I'm cutting them each a percentage of the sales in exchange for their help, so maybe that will make it a bit easier. :o)

Rational Jenn said...

Kelly, I know what you mean, but it HAS made me stop and think, and I think people are really mean to have made me do that! :o)

Also, now that I think about it, I'm not sure the teenagers in our neighborhood were home at the time--assuming it was written after the box was placed in our driveway. We got home from soccer at about 2:30 and were home, with the kids in and out of the house, until 6:30 when Brendan got home. The big kids don't get out of school until about 4:30. So IF it was written after it was delivered, it must have been done earlier in the day.

Brendan thinks it's possible someone at the delivery service wrote it--but why?

Anyway, it irks me to have to wonder about this stuff....

brendan said...

I really think it was just one of the guys in the Pottery Barn warehouse goofing around. I'm guessing the postman saw it, and that's why he faced the box toward the house, instead of letting it be displayed to the whole neighborhood.

I think it's very unlikely that it was a neighborhood kid, considering I rarely see them walking around with the exact kind of black box-writing crayon/pencil that is used in warehouses to mark boxes.

If I worked in a warehouse, I'd probably get bored occasionally & write messages on boxes. But I think I'd probably come up with something a little more witty & less offensive than "dumb f**k".

brendan said...

HEY -- Kelly -- super-cute picture of you & Livy!

Travis N said...

I agree with Brendan, except I'd say it's as likely to have been some of the minimum wage schlups who work for UPS or whatever. One of them says something stupid and so another one, who happens to have a big fat pen, writes "DF" on the box and then rotates it into view of the first guy as a "funny dis".

Anyway, the details are arbitrary. The point is just that it seems more like that it happened in some warehouse or shipping facility somewhere, not on your property, so I'd say there's no reason to worry that it was somehow targeted at you or your family.