Friday, June 12, 2009

Another Carnival

The Allergic Kid has the latest edition of the Living with Food Allergies blog carnival (#45, that one!). Good stuff!

We have a busy weekend ahead; how about you? Tomorrow is taekwondo in the morning, a friend's birthday party in the afternoon (at a jumpy place, fun!), then my parents will arrive. Somehow I'll need to make Sean's birthday cake in time for his birthday party (at our neighborhood pool, fun!) on Sunday afternoon.

He's getting a Winnie the Pooh cake. I made it for M's first birthday; it's very cute. Sean isn't an especial fan of Pooh (well, he really hasn't mentioned it either way if the truth be told) but the other ideas I was entertaining based on the things I know he does like (balls and cars) involved extra expense and effort. I was somewhat conflicted about this until I remembered that he is 1 and as such, not at all familiar with the cultural norms and traditions surrounding birthdays, and extremely likely to nap during much (if not all) of the party. Also, all cake tastes the same, no matter which shape it happens to take. Since I still have the Pooh pan--he gets Pooh. And he better like it! ;)

I'll put pics of the party and the dance recital up on the FamBlog at some point. Oh, and pictures of the birthday boy on his actual birthday, which is--can you believe it?--one week from tomorrow! It seems like yesterday I had that little pregnancy countdown thing on the sidebar, doesn't it? He's not a wee little thing anymore--he's a big old chunky moose of a little thing. Part of me is sad that there will be no more wee little things in the future, but most of me is just a-okay with the idea that one day--in only a couple of years!--I will no longer have to get diapers or struggle with carseats! :o)

Bye for now! Have a wonderful weekend!

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Your children seem to be growing up faster than mine. :p