Sunday, June 28, 2009


I'd like to send out my apologies to those of you who have taken the time to write a comment on this here blog recently, because I am evidently the worst comment responder EVER.

I was going through my email inbox--I've been making a very concerted effort lately to bring it under control--a little earlier and WOW! There are sure a lot of blog comments I've been meaning to respond to and haven't!


Please know that it's not because I don't love you! It's just that I think I need to locate my copy of Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity and do a quick refresher.....

And if you're wondering about Getting Things Done, there's an excellent review of that book in the latest edition of The Objective Standard. I read it yesterday and got re-inspired to improve my implementation of GTD. I've been pretty good about it since I read it a couple years ago, but things are slipping through the cracks, so I think a re-read is definitely in order!

And speaking of TOS--it's a great edition this month. Lots of interesting things to read. In my spare time. Heh. :)

Anyway, I hope to get caught up on comments very soon. And if I don't say it enough: Thanks for stopping by! :o)


Jim May said...

I'd love to know if anyone has comments on which Iphone apps support the GTD system the best. I got this thing expressly for that purpose, but haven't gotten around to getting it going yet :)

Rational Jenn said...

Hi Jim! I have an iPhone too and I use Omnifocus on it and on my desktop (a Mac Mini). I can sync between the two which is very convenient. I really like Omnifocus and it is made for GTD.

I'd also be interested in learning about other programs too, just for comparison.