Monday, June 29, 2009

Good Things

We had the best day! Here's a Good Things Round Up:


The kids and I lounged around this morning, and watched Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?. They liked it pretty well, although it wasn't as well done as I remembered. (Yes, Brendan and I used to watch it--in college!) We had a lovely, low-key morning.

A Knock at the Door

As I was contemplating what we should eat for lunch and how to spend the rest of the day, someone knocked on the door. I assumed it was one of the boys from next door wanting to play, so I sent Ryan to answer the door.

Nope--wasn't their friend--it was my brother-in-law. You know--the one who lives in Florida, which isn't exactly close to Atlanta. Turns out he had spent the weekend with friends not too far away and rearranged his return home so that he could come play with us today!

The kids were so casual about it. "Oh hey, it's Uncle B." Once we all got over the surprise of it--it was weird for a little bit, seeing him just sitting on my couch--we called Brendan and made him come home.

Fun and Games

We went out to lunch, and then B. and Brendan took the Big Kids to the pool for a while. (I stayed behind with the Napster.) There was also ballet and taekwondo and walking demos for Uncle B's benefit, lots and lots and lots of talking, some pictures with the kids, a rousing game of RISK, oohing and aahing of a general nature, and lots of silliness and laughter.

Uncle B had to leave around 5:30 to make his flight--but the fun didn't stop there! To top off this super fun day, it was babysitter night, so Brendan and I went out to dinner. :o)

Talk about a wonderful way to avoid laundry! I have very awesome in-laws and we're ALL big fans of Uncle B around here. :o) We've decided to make it a regular thing. Uncle B is now required, expected!, to come for surprise visits very often.

I won't know what to do with myself tomorrow when I have to catch up on all of the laundry and cleaning and stuff!


Nowheymama said...

What fun! We've had lots of visitors the past couple of weeks. I love it.

Ansley said...

Oh, crap. Now the theme song is in my head...and it stays for DAYS! Lol

Kelly Elmore said...

How fun to have a surprise visit!! That is awesome.