Sunday, June 21, 2009

How Lucky Am I?

For Father's Day, guess what I got? Yes--me! Go on....guess.....


Yes, somehow or other, Brendan decided to take The People out to the Apple Store (Iconic Store-of-Stores) because he wanted to treat himself to a little something, and to give me time to write, and because he actually WANTS to spend time with his children. Imagine that!

Of course, Mother's Day comes around and I'm looking for some solitude--on Father's Day, he's looking for some company! Obviously, he's the bigger person here. (Or perhaps doesn't spend as much time with them as I do, which creates the need for a break.)

He really is a great Daddy, and his People just worship him. I think he's pretty okay myself. :o) Even the baby is now firmly in The Daddy Camp. You know it takes a while for the little ones to figure out just who Daddy is and to decide whether he's friend or foe. He does, after all, seem to do quite a bit of taking the baby away from Mom for diaper-changing (which in Sean's eyes is a double tragedy). But Daddy also does fun things like throw Baby up in the air until he almost hits the ceiling, making Mommy hold her breath out of fright, and making Baby gasp with delight at almost being able to touch the beloved ceiling fan!

I promised Brendan a Blog Post of Praise (smooches!), and now I'm going to get back to work. I've updated my blog rolls (please double check the links and let me know if I've left you off), and now I think I'm going to polish off a parenting post before doing some layout tinkering. Hopefully, I'll have time.

It's sooooo quiet though. I am tempted to take a nap instead. But I won't--no, I won't! Too much work to do.....


Kelly Elmore said...


You are a wonderful father! I am always amazed at how much you love your kids, at how involved you are in their babyhood (a time that most dads are less involved), and how much they adore you and want to spend time with you. Your kids have a warm, gentle, fun, rational Daddy, and they are super lucky!!


Jennifer B said...

Next time, take a nap! :) I end up working through those nap opportunities too and then I always regret it. This may be part of the reason why I get all my kids colds! Isn't time alone amazing! And kudos to your hubby for getting such compliments!