Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I Am a Leaf on the (Whirl)Wind; Watch How I Soar

I bring you a crucial update from the front lines. In the last 36 hours, I have:

  • Flown four hours on an airplane with a baby (see post just below this). I forgot to mention that we flew on Delta's Pink Plane! Cool huh?
  • Watched one child (Ryan) recover from an illness and watched another one (Morgan) go down with a seemingly different illness. This is how we do--nobody is sick hardly at all for a couple of months and then: wham! Everyone all at once.
  • Acquired two new large coolers, which are handy for transporting, say, beef from one house to another. Future uses for said coolers include holding beer, ice, and popsicles at social gatherings.
  • Acquired one-quarter of a grassfed cow, all chopped up into lovely steaks and stuff (yum).
  • Suffered through the worst allergy attack I've had in a while, which interrupted my sleep for a couple of hours last night.
  • Observed Ryan's taekwondo test for his green belt, in which he executed his kicks, punches, and forms pretty well, but did not break his board. He was disappointed. He wasn't the only kid not to complete his break--only 3 out of the 6 yellows were successful, and 1 out of 3 of the browns. The master blamed it on a bad batch of boards (which another mom said has happened at her gym--I didn't know what to make of that).
  • Was there this morning in taekwondo class when the master let all of the yellows try again to break their boards--and Ryan succeeded! He has a mean Step Side Kick, that one. :o)
  • Watched the presentation of the green belts!
  • Tried to figure out what's what for the next 7 days.
  • Caught up a bit with some blog reading.
  • Located my grandfather's burial site on this nifty website that has the locations of anybody buried in any military cemetery in the US. (I found Brendan's grandparents, too.)
  • Went to the grocery store--the excitement never stops!
  • Watch the baby nosedive off the ottomans too many times to count. He has yet to really hurt himself. He is evidently planning to be a mountain climber.
  • Washed and dried about 7 loads of laundry, but haven't folded any of it!
  • Hung out with Kelly and her daughter and admired my new flowers in the front.
  • Answered about 600,000 questions (combined Ryan & Morgan assault effort).

I'm really tired!

Tomorrow night is the deadline for the--get this--100th Edition of the Objectivist Round Up! I'm really trying to get my brains in gear so I can have a contribution to this week's interesting and excellent line up of posts.

Or I might just collapse in an exhausted heap at about 9:00. Can't quite tell which way it's going to go yet.

In the meantime, here is your Picture of the Day:

Newly minted green belt! #fb on Twitpic


Cogito said...

Your post title made me tear up.

I still blame you for introducing me to Firefly (and thereby indirectly to Buffy), by the way!

Anonymous said...

Nice post, Wash! ;)

But really, that was the worst scene of the movie. *cry*

Your life sounds crazy but filled with wonderful values. Congratulations :)

Kevin McAllister said...

While my studio wasn't big on breaking boards, I believe that they are bought special because they are cooked. Meaning dried out in a kiln to make the more brittle. If you've ever tried to break a branch over your knee that is fresh from the tree you will see why. So I could see how you could get bad boards.