Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's Been Four Days!

What a weekend! I can't believe four days have passed since I wrote on the blog. It doesn't feel like it, partly because the weekend went by so quickly, and partly because I did manage to Twitter/FB. :o)

Sean's birthday party was really fun. Just good old plain old FUN. The cloudy day was disappointing at first, but then we all kind of realized that the temperature wasn't as hot as you might expect for a Georgia June, so it all worked out. Everyone swam themselves silly--even Sean! He went in the baby pool and thoroughly enjoyed splashing himself and attempting to drown himself. He went in the big pool and enjoyed that, too. He ate some birthday cake and really enjoyed that!

We just hung out a bit on Monday, because I really needed some kind of break between the birthday festivities and Morgan's dance recital. My dad helped Ryan build a diorama, which he bought with his very own money at Michael's craft store. It was very sweet to watch them working together on it. Morgan drew everyone pictures of dogs, because that's what she does. She always very carefully labels the pictures on behalf of the recipient: "Mom's" or "Dad's" or "Sean's." Gramma and Grampa got some appropriately labeled dog pictures to take home with them.

The dress rehearsal and ballet recital went really well. I was a bit nervous about being Backstage Mom, since I don't know nothin' 'bout hair, Miss Scarlett. But the other moms helped me out by either having their daughters perfectly coiffed already and lending a bobby pin or two to the daughters of the hair dunces (of which there was pretty much only one--me!).

The girls had two numbers and all I had to do was lead them quietly down a few flights of stairs a couple of times (once in their tap shoes--haha!) and have them all line up in the correct spot and remind them eleventy zillion times to Whisper! and Quiet Feet! and Come Back Here! (because they are all 4 and 5 years old and have the Wiggles, you know). Nobody was prepared for how quickly we needed to do the costume change (on recital night I brought my friend with me for mommy backup), and a couple girls were a bit irked that they weren't going to have time to eat their snack! :o) All of them seemed to expect flowers, and to my knowledge they all received them.

On stage, they were all so cute and they all got lost in their routine a few times, but that added to the overall "Awwwwww, how cute" factor. My favorite part came at the end of their final dance, when the other 5 girls ran off stage as the lights were dimming, but MY girl remained rooted to her spot, smiling proudly into the audience, looking for Brendan and our friends. Many, many giggles and general admiration from, well, pretty much everyone!

There was so much more to our weekend, but those are the highlights. And now, I feel FREE! We are down to one kid activity--taekwondo. And although it's three times a week, the gym is just around the corner and I can get there in less than 5 minutes. So it's not too much of an effort to get there and back. Keeping Sean occupied is becoming a challenge, but I expected that. The next year of kid activities and classes will be really hard with a toddler. Somehow, it's easier knowing this going in!

But that's it--only TKD! The next big thing we have going on isn't until August when we make our annual trip to the beach. I feel like my summer vacation has finally begun. I plan to fill up much of my "free" time (because my time isn't really free, of course) with lots of writing. :o)

Here's a picture of my ballerina (for the few of you who haven't yet adored her beauty and grace!) with her flowers and, yes, that's a little dog, too!:

Another picture of the ballerina from the recital last night!... on Twitpic


Kelly Elmore said...

My favorite Morgan moment was at dinner afterwards. The manager asked he if she got a flower after her recital, and she said, "LOTS!" Too cute.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Wow! You've had a very big week, and your little princess is so sweet looking in her tutu!