Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mini LinkFest

Howdy! Just wanted to let you know that my Homeschool Wrap Up post was included in the latest edition of the Homeschool Showcase, found at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers! (Still the best name for a homeschooling blog ever, IMO.) Thanks to Kris for including me.

Also, I'm super excited that our cabin has been renting pretty steadily this summer! We're using the same property managers as last year, but they've changed their name and website, so things might look a bit different to you if it's been a while since you've visited their site. It's our third rental season, and we had our best June ever. We've only got a weekly rental booked so far for July, but we don't seem to book too far in advance. I'm hoping to see more bookings for July here pretty soon. Anyway, yay!

Completely off the subject: another OBlogger recently asked about using ShareThis or AddThis on his blog. I haven't seen any responses yet, but I've wondering about how to use these, too. Can't seem to figure out where in my template the code goes so I can put a button after a post. Thoughts?

Hm. I sure did manage to cram in quite a few links into a short(ish) post, didn't I?

That's it for now. I'm working on a follow up to the homeschool post, which I hope to have ready by tomorrow. Unfortunately I have all of these other grownup mature adult responsibilities that keep getting in the way of my writing--such as laundry, cleaning up the house, and working with for The People.

In the meantime, enjoy this Picture of the Day of Ryan perusing one of his favorite DK books about the American Revolution. It was a thrillingly poignant sight to behold!

Ryan read up on the American Revolution. Happy sight! #homesc... on Twitpic


C. August said...

I used the AddThis button for awhile, but saw next to no traffic through it. Because every widget you add to a blog slows it down -- at least widgets that point to other sites for javascript and images -- I decided it wasn't worth having anymore.

If you still want to add it, open Blogger to the layout section, view the HTML and click the "expand widgets" checkbox. The just search (CTRL+F) on the page for "post-footer-line" or "post-comment-link" and you'll see where in the template to plop the AddThis code. Test it out and see where you like having the button.

Kris said...

You get extra credit for being a fan of my blog name. ;-) Thanks for posting about the carnival!