Monday, July 20, 2009

Checking in from the Adventures of the Weekend

My mother-in-law (aka Nonnie) is here for a visit, and we have been having lots of fun with her. She is a favorite of everyone's, and even the baby (who views most non-parental adults with deep suspicion these days) has warmed up to her pretty well. We do have to re-introduce him to her each morning, which is cute.

So far on this visit, we have:

  • Had a tea party of the big-hat-and-scone variety with Morgan and some friends;
  • Watched a taekwondo class;
  • Viewed the DVD from Morgan's ballet recital (I'm working on getting a snippet or two up on the FamBlog);
  • Built things for Nonnie;
  • Drawn things for Nonnie;
  • Regaled Nonnie with lecture after lecture on battles, armies, "spinning" cobras, snakes, and sharks (guess who?);
  • Taught the game 20 Questions to the kids and played several rounds of it (although Ryan's version of 20 Questions is that he gets to ask everyone 20 Questions apparently);
  • Had "family band night" where we all sat around and played instruments and sang Beatles songs;
  • Cleaned out the playroom;
  • Had an "adventure" at the pond in which Morgan and Nonnie were surprised by about twenty rats with wings Canadian geese who thought M & N had treats for them (Morgan beat a hasty retreat and appears to be psychologically unscathed, for the time being);
  • Demonstrated the new and quickly improving walking skills of Mr. Baby;
  • Read stories; and

Carpe. Diem.

She leaves for Chicago tomorrow evening, so we still have some time with her. On the agenda for today: chocolate chip cookies and hopefully the Harry Potter movie for Brendan and me!!!!

We're having a fun visit. How was your weekend?


Nowheymama said...

We're going to see HP tonight because Gramma can babysit! So excited!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Casey! What a wonderful world you inhabit. Your babys are beautiful. Jan

Rational Jenn said...

Nowheymama--what did you think of the movie? It was fun, but I was disappointed in some of the changes. Still, worth the time and effort! SO glad I got to see it in the theater!

Jan! Howdy! What's new with you? You can email me at rationaljenn AT gmail DOT com....would love to catch up!