Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Good Things & PD Update

Okay. Let me tell you a little bit about my day. We started off as usual--sleepy baby heads, breakfast, half-nakedy little girls, talking . . .

Then I lost my temper over, yes--you guessed it--vitamins. Well, not really vitamins. It was actually the irritating hectoring over when I was going to get to the vitamin part of my priority list. When, I ask you? WHEN? Well, I flipped my cookies, and then made Ryan crack up over the phrase "flipped my cookies" and then further amazed him by slamming closing the door to the cabinet under the sink with a little more force than I usually do . . . which resulted in the fake cabinet panels on that part of the cabinet becoming, uh, dislodged.

Not. My Best. Mommy. Morning. Trust me, you couldn't be any more disappointed in me than I already am.

I did have a bit of an epiphany though, which I'm hoping will lead to improvement. Diana, on Twitter (follow me today!) made a comment that made me realize more fully than I ever had before that I tend to lose my temper when I am NOT concentrating on trying to communicate kindly and firmly. When I'm distracted by something else. Today, in this case, it was because I was listening (we all were) to the audio version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Not only was the incessant relentless bugging getting on my nerves--that I could have handled. But when my listening to Harry Potter was interrupted? Well, obviously, that's a Real Problem! Sigh.

Then Sean had what can only be termed as a precursor to a real live temper tantrum. OMG. Not even Ryan had such a fit at such a young age. Ryan has always been an intense kid--but Sean has always had a temper. His fit today lasted about half an hour and was extremely intense (temper + persistence = intensity?). My only hope at this point is that he'll get this stuff out of his system at a slightly younger age than the other two, and we'll be through with it a bit sooner? I know. Grasping at straws. But that's all I've got right now. Dude.

Things were improving, and I was assisting Ryan in DOING. HIS. OWN. LAUNDRY! (yeah!) when all of a sudden, Sean tried to sit down backwards on the top stair, missed, and toppled head over heels down the stairs. I will never get that image erased from my mind. He bounced, and I'm so not kidding.

I nearly had a heart attack. Seriously, I have never been so aware of adrenaline surging through my body, not ever. I sent Ryan scrambling for the phone so I could call Brendan, and gingerly picked Sean up. He was screaming, but appeared okay. In fact, he was perfectly okay. Within a couple of minutes, as soon as I had Brendan on the phone, Sean was calm and composed and headed back up the stairs.

It was 12:45.

Can you believe I started this post to focus on Good Things?!?!?! :o)

Good Things about Today:

1. Morgan and Ryan doing their own laundry. Good. Yes. Very, very good.

2. Morgan and Ryan cooperating in a happy, helpful way in cleaning up their rooms. Oh yeah!

3. Our friends Kelly and Aaron and Livy came over for dinner and we got to see them all for the first time in about 10 days (they are recently returned from vacation). Yay for good friends and catching up on all the latest.

Yes, things definitely improved this afternoon and into the evening. Because I'm not sure if I could have survived if things hadn't improved. Oh! And I got lots of laundry folded! And nobody splashed in the potty. And nobody broke any bones (although they tried). :o)

Oh, and I've been pretty good about using the One Word PD strategy in the last couple of days. "Door!" is the one I've used most often. "Stop!" and "Hands!" are close seconds. "Cereal!" is going to be taking the lead though, in the next couple of days.

I'm still over-explaining things a bit too much for Morgan's taste, I think. But that's why I'm focusing on this, isn't it?

Ryan once told me that he didn't like it when I used One Word, because it felt like I was being too bossy. So I've been making an effort to say the word in a cheery, helpful tone instead of a mean old bossy tone. Rather makes a difference, I think.

Here's to a better day tomorrow!


Ansley said...

It's good to know that I'm not the only one who has seen my son bounce, flip and flop from the top of the stairs and go back for more a few minutes later. That almost sent me into cardiac arrest!

John actually told me about Sean's fall. I have had my hands full with a terribly frustrating child this week. He has been fussy, whiny, demanding, stubborn, violent, clingy, etc. It's all I can do to not lose my mind! I need some new tools for my PD Tool Box or I might resort to his behavior myself. I lost my temper twice, and he thought it was funny. Dude.

Kelly Elmore said...

Ha, ha, yeah, just keep wishing that Sean is just going to get it out of his system. It is his system!! Is it so wrong that I like him even better because he's like me and all explosive? Is it wrong that I want other parents to have an explosive child like Livy so that I can know it wasn't just me that made her that way? Wrong or not, I am glad. Sean and I are gonna be buds, man.

Rachel said...

I'm gonna have to go with Ryan on this one. When people use One Word with me, especially Mom I resent it as condescending.