Tuesday, July 21, 2009

LinkFest: Homeschooling, Free Range Kids, & More

Here are a few interesting links I've been sitting on for a while.

Judy of Consent of the Governed has written two very nice, reflective posts on the occasion of the graduation of their youngest child from their home school. Check out The Girl Graduates! and Homeschool Reflections.

Lenore at Free Range Kids has an interesting link to an article written by a woman who is getting grief from drivers passing through her neighborhood because her children are playing on the sidewalk in front of their house. The sidewalk is too close to the road, see. Also at FRK, an article about young lemonade entrepreneurs and their brush with the Law.

Jennifer B (@foodallergybuzz) at Food Allergy Buzz is hosting another Food Allergy Twitter Party on July 23rd! The focus will be on the start of the new school year, so if you have a FA kid in a school, don't miss this. If it's anything like the last Twitter party, it will be hectic, lots of fun, and chock full of great ideas and information. Even though my kids aren't in school, I may stop by and scope it out! We do participate in many activities where the environment is very similar to a school or camp situation. I'm planning to be a co-panelist for the Halloween Twitter Party!

Here's something for homeschoolers to keep tabs on--apparently 46 state governors have joined up to support the creation of common math and English standards. In other words--national educational standards. If this happens in the government schools, they'll be after private schools and home schoolers next. Mark my words. (Via Joanne Jacobs)

There's a new website for secular homeschoolers, called (amazingly enough!) Secular Homeschool! There's a blog listing, and they were nice enough to list this blog, complete with my spiffy new button created for me by my friend Jessica (thanks, darling!). So if you're interested in a good resource and discussion forum for secular homeschoolers, this might be a good place to check out.

Oh hey! I think I might have a name for our homeschool. It's not super creative but has potential--Rational Minds School. I like it because RMS is the homeschool acronym AND an acronym for my kids: Ryan, Morgan, Sean. I could be talked out of it though, should something more clever come along.... (hint hint).

Well, it's the Witching Hour around here, so I'll save some of my other links for another time. Enjoy!


Kelly Elmore said...

Can you think of a different S than school? That kind of icks me out. Could you be the Rational Minds Society? What about the Rational Minds Salon? Or knowing you, the Rational Minds Saloon? Ha! :)

Judy Aron said...

Thanks so much for linking to my two posts... I enjoy your blog as well.. Great stuff here at Rational Jenn!