Friday, July 10, 2009

Not Doing it for the Children

Couldn't have said it better myself. Ari Armstrong provided a link to this on Twitter. The outgoing NEA General Counsel tells it like it is:

POWER. He's right--it's about POWER.

Neat, huh?


David Buchner said...

Oh yeah - real neat.

David Buchner said...

Willing to pay the dues? WILLING? In my experience, in my state, the teachers have no choice but to pay.

This guy creeps me right out. What should I spend my evening doing, to calm down? Gun-cleanin'? Firefly-watchin'? Firewood-choppin'?

These arrogant cods in the audience then rise to their feet for "power."

Kelly Elmore said...

Many states do allow non-union teachers, and many states have competing unions aside from the NEA.

David Buchner said...

Yeah, I knew that. But as I recall it, Minnesota "allows" you to not join the union -- but you're still required to pay some portion of the dues anyway.

Phil T. B. said...

If only education in this country worked under some kind of magical system where you made profits to the extent that you successfully educated children, instead of having to choose between them.

But even if we could do that, what would all of the crappy teachers do? Oh won't someone *please* think of the incompetent teachers!