Saturday, July 04, 2009

Q & A of the Day

Morgan: "Do we live in North America or South America?"

Me: "North America."

Morgan, visibly relieved: "Whew!"


Upon further questioning, it appears she was under the impression that South America is simply filled up with poisonous frogs and alligators. We explained that lots and lots of people live in South America and seem to like it, too.

She didn't much like hearing that we have alligators in North America (I didn't mention how close we are to Florida, or the Okefenokee Swamp, which is located in our beloved state of Georgia). For all I know, there are poisonous frogs there, too.

FYI, Morgan is now on Need-To-Know status regarding the whereabouts of poisonous frogs in North America, so please don't enlighten her if there are any! (Although I'd be interested to know.)


Crimson Wife said...

Gators may be big and scary, but they're not presumably not hiding in one's garage. Black widows, on the other hand, can. And I have the ER trip to prove it...

Rational Jenn said...

WOW. We found black widows in our garage years ago, before we had kids. And I admit I think about it every time I go in there.

Were you the one who was bitten? I hope everything's okay!