Friday, July 17, 2009

She is Mine After All

My daughter is the spitting image of her Daddy. It's so interesting to compare Brendan's baby/kid pictures with her face. There are a few differences--her features are more delicate in a feminine way, and she inherited that one dimple that her aunt, grandmother, and great-grandmother all have. But she is so much her Daddy that people, especially my in-laws who remember Brendan as a child, are fascinated.

But she is like me, too. I was also a precociously early reader. She got my wavy hair. She seems to have my penchant for remembering dates.

And just now, she fell out of a chair from a sitting position. Yes, she's mine all right!

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Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

People used to say that the Chem Geek Princess was after my own image and likeness. I remember walking into a new summer day camp program and hearing the following exchange.
"Oh, the CGP's mom!" "Yep, gotta be!"

Now I know she's still my daughter, even the grown up CGP is no longer looks so much likely, because, well, she walks into walls and trips on the carpet. My kid alright.