Thursday, July 09, 2009

Starting Off Year 5 with a Bit of a Lull....

Thanks for all of my Blogiversary wishes! (I like that spelling best, I think.) Celebrating 4 years on the blog was just so amazing and wonderful, that I just, you know, stopped blogging entirely for a couple of days!

It wasn't intentional. We've had a busier than usual week--I even went to the grocery store today! Seriously, we spent Tuesday with friends at the pool (fun, but not conducive to blogging) and yesterday at the zoo (a few pics are on my TwitPic account). I think it's important to have fun in 3D Land on occasion, too. And then we had some of those pesky Technical Difficulties, too. Everything appears to be back in working order, though, thanks to my nice hubby. :o)

But that doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about writing. I have! I have! I've got thoughts spilling out of my head and have even begun to wake up earlier than the rest of the house so I can have a quiet 30 minutes to myself in which to jot down some of those thoughts. Hoping to get a few hours this weekend to get going on some knock-out posts.

In the meantime, here's a Round Up of Things Going Through My Brain Today:

The latest Objectivist Round Up is at One Reality! It's #104, which if I'm doing the math correctly, means that two full years of this carnival have been brought to a close with this edition. Next week will be the official beginning of Year Three of the Round Up. Cool.

The latest Living with Food Allergies edition will be up at Go Dairy Free (I know it says One Frugal Foodie, but Blog Carnival does not seem to like it when I change that name--sorry Alisa!).

I'm reeeaaalllllyyy wishing I could have attended OCON this year. Here's a post from C. August, who is attending his first conference, that will give you a glimpse into what the experience is like. The event will be in Las Vegas next year, and Fort Lauderdale in 2011. I'm definitely in for the Florida event, and hoping we can swing next year. We'll see. In the meantime, I'm really enjoying those attendees who are tweeting their experiences using the #OCON tag! Thanks!

Both Stella at ReasonPharm and Gus Van Horn have touched on one of my personal irritations of late: the FDA protecting grown up people from ourselves by simply pulling drugs off the market because some people can't follow directions. Not trying to educate, or make the labels bigger or bright green or something--just banning the drug altogether. This makes me so seriously mad.

I've got more on my mind, but now I need to take care of some People Business (going for our daily walk around the pond for exercise and to look for snakes) and then get down to a bit of writing. I hope!

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