Thursday, July 02, 2009

Words I Like

Do some words just resonate with your soul more than others? Here are some of my favorite words ever, mostly because they are fun to pronounce:

  • Archipelago
  • Concatenation
  • Discombobulate
  • Cacophony
  • Perturbation

What are some of your favorite words?

This post has been brought to you by procrastination.


Anonymous said...


Egoist Paul said...

When I first glanced that your list of words, I was discombobulated and unable to explain why you like these words.

After staring at them for a while, I discovered the pattern. In each of these words
a phoneme or a similar phoneme appears at least twice.

archipelago - k and g sound.
concatenation - k sound twice.
discombobulate - b sound twice.
cacophony - k sound.
perturbation - p and b, r sound twice.

Now, I am formulating a hypothesis that if you get a dictionary and find words that fit this pattern, you'll find most of them fun to pronounce.

Sam said...


Biscuit said...

discombobulate is a favorite of mine, too.

A few more off the top of my head:

I also like certain made-up words:
meamble - meander + amble
poiky - pointy or sharp
swiggle - like a swig of a drink, but a little bit smaller

The last two are kiddo-created. They always come up with the best words and phrases, as you well know!

Kevin McAllister said...


Kelly Elmore said...

I love diphthong. The phth combo is my favorite sound from Greek, and there aren't many words in English that have it. I also like fifth for the same reason.


Kyle Haight said...

Pleonastic. It means "redundant". It just cracks me up that there is another word for "redundant".

Another favorite is "ucalegon" -- a neighbor whose house is on fire.

Then again, I may just like obscure words. Once, at work, I used the word "irredentist", and when asked to define it replied "It's sort of like revanchism", only realizing after I said it that I probably hadn't clarified anything.

It probably says something that every single one of those words has been flagged as a spelling error by my web browser even though they're all spelled properly. (Or should I say "orthographically correct"?)