Sunday, August 23, 2009

Baton Passing!

The Living with Food Allergies blog carnival has a new home!

Over the last few months, I've been taking a close look at my priorities and trying to figure out where my time would best be spent. I had reached a (happy) point where I had so many interesting projects I was eager to work on, but I was confronted by that fact of reality called "there are only so many hours in a day."

I needed to drop some of my online responsibilities, and this carnival was a logical choice. Even though it didn't take up all that much of my time, knowing I was responsible for it weighed on my shoulders, and I was finding it difficult to keep up with it--finding hosts, etc.

So Jennifer B of Food Allergy Buzz has graciously agreed to take over the administration responsibilities for this carnival. She has a great blog, and is one of the creators of the Food Allergy Twitter party! I'm really glad she is willing and able to become the new admin!

Also, I think the time has definitely come for the carnival to find a home on a true food allergy blog. Like Jennifer, I am (and probably always will be) a Food Allergy Mom. I am dedicated to educating people about food allergies, and providing a little bit of a glimpse into this side of our life. It is one of the ways in which I can support my son, who deals with this condition daily, who is so strong and brave about it.

But this blog here is not a Food Allergy Blog and I don't really want it to be a Food Allergy Blog. It's a blog about me--and food allergies are a part of my life, sure. But only a part. I find that I want to write more about other topics these days (mainly, Objectivism and parenting via non-punitive discipline).

I'm glad the Living with Food Allergies carnival will continue, and at one of the most informative and thoughtful Food Allergy Blogs out there! Of course, I will participate and even host from time to time. And it might change--I can't wait to see what Jennifer does with it, where it goes!

So please join me in congratulating and supporting Jennifer in this new undertaking! Thanks!


Nowheymama said...

You've done a wonderful job with the carnival. I understand your decision, but you'll be missed as the admin!

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

It seems like this is the time of the year that many of us find ourselves in the (happy) position of so little time, so much to do.

I look forward to continuing to read your blog about you, your ideas about childraising, and your Objectivist life. (Is that like Reardon life?).

Congratulations on a hard decision well made and a baton passed to a good runner.

Libby said...

You can take credit for making the FA blog carnival one of the longest running and most successful carnivals out there. We'll miss you, but I sure understand the decision. Thanks for passing the responsibility on to someone else who will continue your great work.