Thursday, August 20, 2009


Nick has the latest and greatest edition of the Objectivist Round Up at The Rule of Reason! Don't miss it.

And, hey! Just look below for the Living with Food Allergies Blog Carnival! :o)

It looks like big, bad Bill is veering east as I wished. [:::rubshandstogether::: Bwahahaha! It's all coming together as planned!] At least the weather is cooperating, kinda!

Meanwhile, it looks like my beach vacation 'sploded all over my house. There's swimsuits and snacks and shoes and movies and diapers and craft projects and clothing and goggles and paper towels (to name just a few items I can see from here at my computer). But we're getting there, we're getting there.

I hope to write an update on the PD Tool Card of the Week later tonight. I've been pretty good at this one, and the Opera continues from last week's Sense of Humor theme, AND "Door!" still seems to work to remind people to shut the bathroom door. All of this cultivation of new habits is really paying off in peace, harmony, and character improvement. Huh. Amazing, that.

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