Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fun Day

So we postponed our trip by a day, so that Hurricane Bill would be good and gone by the time we got to the Outer Banks. According to our friend (and fellow vacationer!) C. August, we are "wimps," but Brendan and I have had some personal bad experiences with driving in flooded areas and are not eager ever to repeat them. Especially accompanied by The People.

What can I say? Obviously C and his crew are made of sturdier stuff than we are! 'S okay. I prefer to use such foolhardy courageous folk as, oh, what's the phrase I'm looking for--"canary in the coalmine" jumps to mind. (Kidding! I kid!) :p

So we stayed and played today! We went to the Museum of Life + Science in Durham and it was VERY nice. A truly kid-friendly museum, with lots of hands-on things that were okay to touch. Some highlights included:

  • Working tornado machine (we all agreed this was the best exhibit there)
  • Fossils to touch
  • A table with bones for touching
  • Petrified wood, that even Sean could reach from his stroller
  • An enormous 8 foot long ant farm
  • One of the LEMs that was used for training before Apollo 11
  • A play area for toddlers
  • A whole building area for building with Kapla
  • Black scorpions
  • Poison dart frogs
  • A rattlesnake
  • Outdoor chimes and drums for banging
  • A big huge sandpit (which we didn't play in very long because of the rain)

A butterfly landed on Brendan's shoulder while he was carrying Morgan, but still she was very sad that a butterfly didn't land on her. Like dissolved into tears of despair. Then Ryan went and got one on his hand, and was super thrilled and couldn't stop talking about it, making Morgan's misery worse. That was a tricky parenting rope to walk--letting someone be happy about something, yet conveying that someone else was sad because she didn't do it. It ended up okay though.

I've been to quite a few children's science and history museums over the last few years, and this one was possibly the best one we've seen. Highly recommended! (Thanks, @Vix27, who recommended it!)

Then we had a late lunch, did a little shopping, hung out in our room, and the best part of all--Sean is already asleep, and the other two are finishing up their movie and will shortly be crashing.

I put pics of our day on Twitter, and you can check those out here. For real-time pics, you'll need to follow me on the Twitter (ahem!).

We brought our regular camera and video camera on this trip, like we always do, but I think this year, apart from a few milestone pics for Sean (hoping to get one of him chasing birds on the beach), I'm not going to take quite as many this year. I'll probably get some with the cell phone and post to TwitPic though. It's a little easier, and this year, I really just want to enjoy the moment. Sometimes I get too caught up in trying to take pictures that I forget to just have fun.

I don't expect I'll post too much to the blog once we get to the beach house and our friends. I have a couple of posts scheduled to go though, just so you don't miss me too much!


Wendy Hawksley said...

Probably better to be safe than sorry.

The Museum sounds like so much fun. A tornado machine would be really interesting to see. Glad everybody had a good time!

Victoria said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the museum! It was my favorite of the NC museums as a kid.

Monica said...

Goodness! I've spent the last two weeks around a 1.5 year old. Getting halfway across town with him is a struggle, so I can't possibly imagine traveling that far in a car with three kids. Kudos to you! :)