Monday, August 31, 2009

It's Monday All Over the Place

Well, it's not even 10:00 and we've already had adventures today! Morgan started running a high fever around 8 last night, so most of us had a restless night. She seems fine this morning, but I have learned in my years in the Mommy Trenches that these things come and go, so I expect her to go down again. Is it swine flu? Who knows? She has no other symptoms, but 103 + is pretty high for a fever, I think.

Because of her being sick, I got up and ran to the grocery store first thing this morning, since we have no food in the house. Let me tell you what: there is NOBODY at the grocery store at 8:30 on a Monday morning. Might need to keep that in mind. I was in and out of there in less than 45 minutes.

Brendan is now off to the mechanic, because the driver's side window on the convertible is stuck in the inconvenient 'down' position. We were very sad to discover this upon our return yesterday. We were even sadder about all the rain expected, so Brendan's gorgeous car got the garbage bag treatment. We were even sadder to discover that his car wouldn't start this morning, so the kids were treated to the excitement of the Jumper Cables (good times). I'm hopeful the Mechanic Peopleguy can fix this quickly--not to mention cheaply--because just wow.

And somehow, we'll have to remember to go pick up the cat from the kitty hotel (aka, the vet). I'm worried we'll forget to do that!

So I'm gone for now, but if you're looking for some interesting parenting posts, check out these links:

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Wishing you (and me!) a smooth-running Monday!


PC said...

Hi Jenn, Glad to see you all enjoyed your holidays. Shame about the convertible. I can sympathise.

Thanks for the link. I'm looking forward with interest to hear what you have to say about it. :-)

Amy said...

Welcome home, such as it is. How do I not know that you have a cat? I thought you were allergic, no? Well, I'm allergic and I have one anyway. And how can you have a cat and a blog and not have a million funny cat stories to tell?

Thanks for the links!

Rosalie said...

I hope Morgan feels better soon!

Wendy Hawksley said...

I've got a new tagline for where I live: "If you lived here, it would be Tuesday already".

Those restless nights are awful and I agree that 103 is a high fever. I hope Morgan will feel better soon.

"Eek" on the car issue... I've been there and I know how it hurts!

Hopefully your Monday went well despite the not-so-auspicious start.