Monday, August 10, 2009

Many Lists About Today

Here are some of the things I was thinking about today.

The Cobb County schools started back up today. Today would have been Ryan's first day of 2nd Grade. Here are some of the things we did instead (in no particular order):

  • We slept in until 9:00 (accidentally).
  • Ryan played Age of Mythology for a while.
  • Morgan read some books to herself and I read some books to her and to Sean.
  • I read a chapter of The Odyssey to everyone (we're almost done).
  • We discussed Ancient Rome (can you tell we're ready for Ancient History?).
  • We went to the bank.
  • Brendan came home from work early and took them all to the store so I could have a little while to myself.
  • Ryan had Taekwondo class.
  • Everyone made their own dinner (we call it a Pick Up Dinner--you pick up whatever you want to eat and put it in your mouth!).
  • We laughed and made up silly songs and generally had a nice time.

More of the same tomorrow (although with an earlier start time, I hope!). Oh funny--Kelly had the same idea. Read about her day here.

Sean, of course, is too little for school. I did take the time to make a list of the words he can say and sign, to include in his baby book (I did the same for the other two).

Sean can say:
  • Mama
  • go
  • up
  • apple
  • uh-oh
  • Ryan
  • Mommy (different from Mama)
  • Hi
  • ice
  • kick
  • pbpbpbpbpbttt (I know it's not actually a word, but it kills me that this means car and truck, so I'm including it as a kinda sorta word!)

Sean can sign:
  • Milk (when he wants to nurse)
  • Bye bye
  • airplane
  • eat
  • up
  • "spin" (it's not the actual ASL sign, but it's a consistent hand gesture)
Consider that he is the slowest of my kids to talk. And consider that this little list of words is an extremely impressive list for a 13.5 month old. And then you will appreciate Ryan a little bit more. :D

Also, I think Sean's nickname is going to be "Brute Squad" (from The Princess Bride). He just muscles his way into whatever he wants, and your nerve-endings be damned! Example: When he wants you to read a book to him, he picks it up, toddles over, and clobbers you in the face with it.

What else? I did some writing, but have learned that I am not very good at writing and/or thinking under time pressure. :( That's okay. I'll either get better at it, or . . . I won't. And the world will still turn.

I'm beginning to get into organizing mode for our annual beach vacation. We leave in 11 days! This is also another good reason to homeschool--we can choose our "school year" and ours doesn't officially begin until September 1. And we can take our vacations any old time we please! Which is a Good Thing, since our friends are from a part of the country where they sensibly wait until summer is over before starting up with the school.

The kids are getting excited to see our friends and the beach. Me, too. But it's quite a bit of work, let me tell you. It will be easier this year, now that Sean is bigger and can eat some regular food. Yay. For. That.

Finally, I was saddened to learn of the death of the only remaining sister of my grandfather (who passed away earlier this summer). My grandfather was the youngest of 14; his sister was #13 in the line up. Oh, the stories of those fourteen, growing up on the farm in Idaho! Going to the one-room schoolhouse, being educated alongside Nez Perce Indian kids. The story of Aaron, Rex, and the flatulent horse (a featured story at my grandfather's memorial service!). How they lost the farm in the Depression.

I used to practice their names, to see if I could name them all. Let's see if I can still do it (very out-of-order):

  • The 8 girls were Neta, Veda, Arla, Enid, Miriam, Mabel, June, and Janet (pronounced "Jeanette," who died today).
  • The 6 boys were Richard, Pierce, Nye, Milford, Aaron, and Rex (my grandfather).

It is really sad to know that they are all gone. My grandmother is the only surviving spouse (aka, out-law). Most of them had very long, happy lives, and all of them had loving families. And really, it doesn't get much better than that, does it?

And speaking of loving families, I'd better get back to mine now. Especially if I want us all to get going a little sooner tomorrow! Good night!


Kelly Elmore said...

That's funny that we both made the lists. :)

And I think you are amazing for getting up before 9 every other morning. We sleep til at least 10 every day.

C. August said...

This makes me wonder. Did I ever meet Rex or any other _ancient_ relatives? I'm guessing I did meet Rex at the "golf course house" around the time of your wedding.

If so, it makes me sad that I was too young and dumb to take the time to sit down and listen. This has happened in my own family. Why is it that I was too young and dumb until I was almost 40?

Rational Jenn said...

C--yes, you met him. You may remember him best as Colonel Blewett, and he wore his uniform to my wedding.

And yes, I feel like a slacker in many ways, to have taken them for granted. Is this what happens now that we are, uh, older?


Kelly Valenzuela said...

My great grandmother was named Veda! She had a twin sister named Reda. Hee hee. Veda and Reda. They were lively though and lived into their late 80s, so I knew them well into high school. Good times hearing their old stories. They too were from a large family with somewhere in the teens of children.