Monday, August 03, 2009

Monday Morning Good Things

There's an article in the New York Times called "Give BB&T Liberty, but Not a Bailout," which discusses John Allison (Chairman of BB&T) and the effect his philosophy has had on his company, and interviews Dr. Yaron Brook and others. This article does contain some really weird assertions about Ayn Rand (one of which I intend to address in a blog post soon), but the fact that the NYT even had such a (generally) favorable article about Objectivism is noteworthy in and of itself.

Kelly has a post up about the Nature of Children at her blog. Please read it over and leave a comment. This is a topic she and I have discussed often and it certainly merits further discussion.

If you google the term "hslda"--the Home School Legal Defense Association, a Christian homeschool advocacy group (are they a PAC yet?), which imo has outlived its purpose--anyway--google that term and you'll see that I am 6th on the list! :o)

As further evidence that more and more people are becoming familiar with Ayn Rand and her works, this blog post at Why Homeschool (one of the BIG movers and shakers in the homeschool bloggy world) asks the question: "Are we educational John Galts?"

This is shaping up to be a hectic week, so I'll leave it here for now. Happy Mondays to you all!


Amy said...

I love the post at Why Homeschool, but why do you say that this is a big mover and shaker blog? I'm not saying it's a bad blog (I've never read it before now) but I didn't see any evidence that it is widely read.

But thinking of this, I'm going to Technorati right now to subscribe to a couple of big homeschool blogs. It's probably a good way to keep up with current issues in homeschooling.

Rational Jenn said...

Why Homeschool has been around quite a while, and they (it's a family blog) are the administrators of the Carnival of Homeschooling. They have BTDT in the homeschooling world for a while (they have kids who are high school age I think).

I think the reason they are so well known is that they run the biggest homeschooling blog carnival. There are others, but they are newer and not quite as big usually. And they are very inclusive to homeschoolers of all persuasions, even secular homeschoolers (they are religious).

They also have a huge list of homeschooling bloggers. If you scroll ALL the way down, you'll see a couple hundred, I think, including all flavors of homeschoolers.

I follow several dozen hsing blogs, and regularly read about six. I'd be happy to share those with you if you like. There is a homeschooling blog section on my sidebar--most, if not all, of my favorites are on that blog roll.

Bye for now!

Amy said...

Ah! Thanks! I wasn't able to find anything good on Technorati. I forgot about the blog carnival. I guess I'm still a pretty lame blog follower.