Friday, August 21, 2009

Things I Learned on a Road Trip

Well, we are safely ensconced in our hotel room in Raleigh. I have to say, in all honesty, that this was one of the best road trips we've ever taken with the kids. The baby fussed a bit (but can you blame him?) and the last 45 minutes or so were pretty rough (aren't they always?), but other than that, it was pretty okay. Could have been worse--it has been worse!

Have you ever noticed that going through certain experiences together as a family tends to reveal information you didn't have before? Usually such experiences involve close quarters for extended periods of time. Here is but a taste of the valuable information I now have after today:

  • It is actually possible to make it all the way out of Georgia before any stops are required!
  • Every convenience store in the South is full of peanut pitfalls. Shells all over the ground at one today. Ryan is very good about not touching anything at such places (cross 'convenience store peopleguy' off his list of potential careers--yay).
  • Sean thinks it's funny when I throw things at him, such as his Bankie, his Bear, or food. HYSTERICAL!
  • Evidently, I will do almost anything to entertain the baby in his carseat. Including throwing food at him, which is something that, until now, I have been careful to prevent people from doing in the car.
  • My dad is jealous of how spacious our van is, and wants to own it retroactively by about 30 years.
  • Even though my kids are fairly separated in the car, they can still get on my each others' nerves.
  • For example, even if you can't touch your brother, you can nail him with spit.
  • Sometimes, shoes fly a bit farther than you intended when you kick them off of your feet.
  • Dry-erase marker boards are the best car toys ever.
  • Dry-erase marker ink does come off of skin in the bathtub.
  • The best car toy for the baby is a semi-empty water bottle.
  • The baby does not enjoy wearing wet clothing, but enjoys the process of making himself damp (see above).
  • Sean's head and body have now reached a sufficient ratio such that he will indeed fall face-first into a (filling) bathtub, simply by leaning over the tub.
  • Nobody minds if Sean eats sausage off of a hotel room floor. Except Morgan.
  • Our hotel sells bottles of a nice beer called Carolina Pale Ale and it is deeee-licious.
  • Finally, Twitter is the funnest thing ever! For some reason, I feel compelled to share my random thoughts with people (as evidenced by this here blog, naturally). And I just love doing that on the Twitter. Sharing pictures is super easy, too.So you should follow me on Twitter!

So there. On vacation, and look at all of the neat things I've learned already!

So far, so good. But we've got to figure out how to get the people settled a bit earlier when we sleep in hotels. They get so wound up and hyper, that it's hard to calm them down enough to go to sleep. Ah well....they can sleep in the car tomorrow, I suppose.

Now I'm going to work a bit on the FamBlog before I crash.

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Rosalie said...

Wishing you the best of vacations!! :o)