Thursday, August 13, 2009

Things I Learned Today

I learned that you are supposed to start the dryer after you put wet clothes in it. Otherwise, the clothes are less dry and more smelly than you'd wish.

I learned that I can take all three kids to the pool by myself and we can all have fun! It's a LOT of work though, especially because you have to get everything in and out of the pool super fast, before the baby topples over the edge into the water. It's very thrilling in a way--gets the heart pumping!

I also learned that it's best to blow up the baby's floaty thing before you put the baby in it and of course, before you put it and the baby into the water! It's the kind of floaty that pops open and you are supposed to blow up two concentric rings that go around it--you know, to hold up the baby. So it looked ready to go when I popped the thing open. Only, it wasn't. It's all good--I noticed waaaaaay before any kind of disaster could happen!

I learned about sports cups, because I had to explain to Ryan A.) what they are, and B.) how to put one on, and C.) why. Oh yes I did.

I also learned that I can answer the question "What does 'swing your balls' mean?" seriously and with a completely straight face. He had overheard that in a movie, and needed to know what it meant. And yes, those balls. And no, it had nothing to do with the need for a sports cup.

I have a fun job.