Sunday, September 06, 2009

History At Our House Update

Last Friday, we listened to the first week's worth of Ancient History lectures from History at our House. It was a HIT!

I'm so glad I gave this another try. What a difference one year makes. Ryan is really ready. He is calmer, listens more (even while he fiddles with LEGO or draws pictures of pyramids in his notebook), and is engaged with the pre-recorded class, shouting out his answers to Mr. Powell's questions. And most importantly of all--this is something he WANTS to do!

Morgan is less ready, but then again, she's just now coming up on 4.5. I can't really get too worried about her bad case of wiggles and the fact that she thinks "It's taking too long!" If she doesn't want to listen, she doesn't have to, and is free to go do something else that will not interrupt Ryan. Even so--she really enjoyed coloring her map of Egypt and looking at the paintings they're studying in the History through Art portion.

Yesterday morning, I awoke to a Ryan who was yammering on and on politely requesting to do History again. He had even set up a little desk area in the corner of our living room, complete with globe, pencils, paper, and his History notebook (I'd printed out the first month's worth of materials and stuck them in a 3-ring-binder--that's for you, LB!). We weren't able to listen yesterday, but we will do some more today, because the kids want Daddy to hear it, too.

One of our house projects this weekend is to organize our history and science books, since they tend to become scattered all over the house. We have tons of Usborne and DK books on topics such as Rocks, Bugs, Ancient Egypt, World War II, etc. This morning, I awoke to a Ryan who had already begun that project in anticipation of listening to History today!

Guess we ought to get going on that huh?


Shez said...

I also found that a year made a huge difference. At age 6 my kids just couldn't focus, just one year later they loved it.

Rational Jenn said...

Well, Shez, we're right on schedule then! Ryan turned 7 last April. A year ago, this was just too much for him.

It helps that we've been listening to audio books all summer, too. I think the whole lecture experience was too much for him last year. Now he gets it.

I'm glad your kids like it, too! Which program are you doing this year?

Shez said...

We're doing the Upper live El European History.
The kids are very excited to be starting history again.

I was amazed at the difference between 6 and 7.

Wendy Hawksley said...

I'm so glad to hear that "History at Our House" is working well with Ryan.

When the Gavinator was 5-6 last year, history was a bust. We gave up on it.

This year I switched tacks (instead of "Story of the World", I use the "History Odyssey" table of contents as an outline, and then go to the library to grab colorful books about the topic), and he's having so much more fun!

Hm, it probably helped that when we started Ancient Egypt this week, we connected it to Yu-Gi-Oh!


Have fun with history and hope your weekend was wonderful!

LB said...

We've found that dividing your 3 ring binder into these five sections quite helpful: notes, extra daily information (or you can integrate these into the notes), geography, history through art, and test and test prep. Our collection of 3" history binders over the last three years is quite impressive.

I love when they shout out the answers at the recordings. It shows what great enthusiasm Mr. Powell inspires!