Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Carnival, A Pet Peeve & and A Few Good Things

Yes, this is a mish-mash of topics all in one blog post. :o)


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Pet Peeve

I tweeted this yesterday, but need to expand. I spend quite a bit of time in waiting rooms with Sean while the older kids are in activities. Sometimes I'm waiting with just Sean, sometimes one of the older kids is also with me. Many times, other people with younger kids will leave them in the waiting room and disappear, either watching their older child or stepping out of the building to take a phone call. This really irritates me, because as the lone grownup, I end up arbitrating disputes among other people's kids. Often these kids will interrupt me and want to talk or ask me questions, which is just as irritating as being interrupted by my own kids!

I don't want to sound like a big old meanie, but I hate this! I don't mind interacting with other people's kids--I usually enjoy it. But they should not be my responsibility and I think it's the height of rudeness to assume that I am willing to be in charge of your kids while you get to sit in the gym and watch Taekwondo class. (I would LOVE to sit in there and watch TKD class!) Or possibly it comes from the fact that you are ignorant of the fact that your 5 year old might need some adult assistance when interacting with other kids for 45 minutes. Do you leave them at home all alone for 45 minutes with their older siblings?

I spent a lot of time last night--in addition to chasing my toddler and dealing with interruptions from my 4.5 year old--helping a 5 year old girl deal with two older girls who were teasing her. This child is very tall for her age, and once I explained to the older girls that she was really quite a bit younger and that she didn't understand their game, things got better, but then this child would not leave me or Morgan alone. She's a nice girl, but one who has no concept of personal space and would. not. leave. Morgan. alone. I get that other kids don't understand kids who have big personal bubbles--but this is where her mother could have really helped out. I was unable to speak to this mom last night, but I will do this when I can. If her 5 year old is too immature to sit through class in the gym, then her mom needs to be with her in the waiting room.

Thank you. That is all of the complaining I'm going to do!

Good Things (Last Three Days Edition)

  • Since I've been talking a lot about hugging around here, Sean has learned the concept and the word. He looks at me and says huggahhhhhh and then gives me a hug. Love.
  • Morgan told us last night that she DIDN'T want to go to bed--not even if she had another Indiana Jones dream! :o) I think she likes Harrison Ford (and who could blame her?). She told us that she handed Indy another pistol in her dream and he told her thanks!
  • Things are better with Ryan, and thanks to my friend Kelly, I have many other ideas to consider when dealing with this current phase of difficulties.
  • We're going to be doing more history this afternoon. And that is something we all enjoy!
  • We received several toy catalogs in the mail today, and the Big Kids are happily circling pictures and dreaming out loud. I used to LOVE doing that!
  • The weather is lovely--just the kind of October I expect here in Georgia. And the cabin is renting nicely these days, too. :o)

Amy is restarting up her Good Things list, too! It's definitely a useful exercise. I highly recommend trying it, even if you don't feel the need to write about it on a blog.


Wendy Hawksley said...

I'm with you!!! It is a huge problem here, because South Korea is a pretty safe country, and our little base is even safer.

So people let children run around without any supervision whatsoever (the waiting room thing with tick me off too).

Despite the fact that we have actual "guidelines" on child supervision (that, in my opinion, are "no brainers"), nobody seems to want to follow them. Grrr...

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

"Or possibly it comes from the fact that you are ignorant of the fact that your 5 year old might need some adult assistance when interacting with other kids for 45 minutes. Do you leave them at home all alone for 45 minutes with their older siblings?"

Unfortunately, the answer to the question at the end is that a lot of parents do just that. I am sometimes amused and sometimes appalled, but always amazed at the lack of parenting skills I see when I am out and about.
And when I was a teacher, I heard even more apalling stories about what goes on in some homes. Always filtering (because kids are kids), I still heard stories that helped me understand exactly why certain students behaved as they did.

Sometimes I feel like saying to some parents: Look, becoming a parent is generally a choice in today's world. However, whether or not your little darling came into the world by your conscious choice and planning or by complete "accident", he or she is still your little darling and your responsibility. No you don't get to have dinner in a restaurant or watch a movie all the way through when he/she is present. They'll grow up soon enough, but in the meantine, do your job. I've done mine!

Crimson Wife said...

My oldest is little Miss Social Butterfly and doesn't understand why a less-extroverted child would rather play by himself/herself. But I'd be right there keeping an eye on her and stepping in to gently explain that the other child doesn't want to play right now.