Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I don't think I've ever been happier to be here in this house with my kids than I am today. :o)

We had a really wonderful trip up to the frigid tundra of Wisconsin (okay, a slight exaggeration, but it was cold for this time of year even by their standards--there was snow!). My mother-in-law was a beautiful bride; the kids were thrilled to participate in the wedding (even though Ryan has come out strongly against dancing of any type whatsoever); we thoroughly enjoyed visiting with everyone and catching up.

As usual, I think the kids were somewhat amazed that they have so many relations. At one point during the brunch on Sunday, Ryan remarked after being helped by one of these relations, "Aunt Terry helped me. Or Aunt Mary. Or one of these aunts we've got around here."

We all survived the airport ordeal, and I only had to remind Ryan one time not to mention his guns. We were in line at Security in Atlanta at the time, but fortunately, nobody heard (or cared) our conversation.

It occurred to me that from Sean's point of view, traveling via air might not be all that much different from Disney World or EPCOT. Imagine:

  • You're stuck in the stroller looking at the legs of grownups
  • There are moving sidewalks and trains and shuttle buses that are fun to ride
  • There's lots of random music playing everywhere
  • There's all kinds of little kiosks of food where Mom and Dad buy you snacks you wouldn't normally get to eat because they are desperate
  • That same guy seems to make announcements in all of the airports and WDW
  • There's quite a lot of waiting around only to hurry up and get onto something big for an exciting ride
  • And then once you're on the Big Ride, there's lots of buttons to push (like the Call Button!) and seat belts to fiddle with and the inevitable complaining about who is sitting where and for how long.

Since both of our recent trips involved seeing quite a few people that seem to be related, I'm quite sure that if he could have a memory of each, they'd be all jumbled up together.

And now we are back to Real Life, and hopefully a semi-normal routine of some sort. Brendan began his brand new job today, which is exciting and different (in all of the good and bad ways). The holiday season is upon us, and I'm BEYOND HAPPY to be staying in Atlanta for both Thanksgiving AND Christmas. I think this will only be the first or second year we've done that since we've had children.

We have some short-term (and local!) excitement coming up, so all will not be boring, oh no. On Sunday, an Objectivist e-friend is coming to town and I'm excited to meet him in person. And of course there's Halloween to plan for, too. If I can just get the house cleaned up a bit, we'll put out our decorations over the next few days.

For now, I have so much unpacking and laundry and History at our House and reading aloud and mail sorting and grocery shopping and writing projects and catching up with people I need to get going on (which is why I'm blogging, naturally). But I have all the time in the world in which to get these things done, since we have no trips looming upon us. And somehow, that knowledge makes me feel very eager to be super-productive and knock those things off of the list.

And if I get really enterprising, I might even get the next PD Tool Card post up here on the old blog. If I don't, you may assume that I have been swallowed by laundry and/or souvenirs.


Dawn said...

I'm so glad you're back. I guess I didn't realize how much I look forward to your blog until you didn't post for a week. You always get me thinking, so thank you for that! And, welcome back!

Rational Jenn said...

Hi Dawn! That's quite a compliment! Thanks very much. :o)