Friday, October 23, 2009

A Response from Disney

This afternoon, I had a message on my answering machine from Walt Disney World's Guest Services, regarding my email about the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.

They did not disappoint. :o)

After expressing her regret about our experience, the representative then informed me of the fact that they did indeed offer non-food trick-or-treat bags, in City Hall at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom. They also offered trick-or-treat bags with allergy-friendly candy, too.

It is disappointing that none of the WDW Peopleguys we spoke to that night were aware of this fact! I personally spoke with four people, and I think Brendan spoke with a couple people, too. But! Now we know--WDW continues in their very food-allergy-aware tradition, and didn't leave us out (although there needs to be some improved communication among employees, of course).

In addition to telling me about the food allergy trick-or-treating options, the representative offered us a free day at the Magic Kingdom, to make up for our disappointment, and for our kids not getting to trick-or-treat! Talk about great customer service. :o)

We're tentatively planning another trip next fall with friends, and to take Sean when he's 2.5 (which is, so far in my WDW experience with kids, the absolute cutest age to take them). So we'll put that ticket to good use!

So anyway--get the word out! Go to City Hall at the front of Magic Kingdom for your food-allergy-friendly / non-candy treat bags (because many parents of kids without food allergies might prefer that option, too!).



Roberto Brian Sarrionandia said...

I had a phone interview with WDW regarding my application to work there next summer - will find out the results soon :)

That's pretty good customer service

Monica said...

Do you have any advice for the types of candy we could buy for our own trick or treaters this year that is peanut allergy friendly? I have no idea where to get peanut free candy. (I guess that's because I don't buy candy very often.... I wanted to get kids in our neighborhood something healthy and tasty but Robb says no. lol.)

Rational Jenn said...

Roberto--super cool! :o)

Monica--Robb sounds like Brendan, who has very high (low) standards for Halloween treats. :o)

If you don't want to give candy at all, you might go for Halloween stickers or temporary tattoos. Most kids I know love the temporary tattoos. Spider rings and bouncy balls that look like eyeballs are also good bets.

There are two companies I recommend for peanut- and tree nut-safe candy: Tootsie Roll Company and Willy Wonka. Always double check labels on the bags, of course, but those companies are safe. Beware of the huge bags of mixed candy--sometimes safe candy is mixed in with unsafe stuff--although if they're all made by Tootsie or Wonka it's probably fine.

In fact, it was the Tootsie/Wonka stuff we let the kids have out of their Disney treats--Tootsie Rolls and lollipops, Nerds, Laffy Taffy, etc.

Oh, and Dum-Dums lollipops are safe, too.

Other hard candy and candy corn is probably NOT safe, so avoid those.

Hope this helps! And please know that I, as a food allergy mommy, really appreciate the effort and consideration. :o)