Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Very Briefly

Well, our exciting life continues! Brendan's first day of work went very well, but he got stuck there late when the battery on his car died. No worries; he got a jump, picked up a new battery, and then met us in Marietta for Greek food! His second day is going nicely, too.

This morning, Ryan had his final chess class of the session and got the Blitz Chess trophy. And he was finally the recipient of the Sportsmanship Trophy, a goal he's had for a year now. I like his coaches quite a bit. When deciding who will receive the Sportsmanship Trophy, they do tend to look for kids who win and lose graciously, help set up the boards, and follow the class rules rather than simply someone who is kissing their butts. And they are such a nice group of kids that I have rarely seen butt-kissing. So Ryan was happy and proud--he's been trying to be extra helpful for so long, and many of my readers will appreciate the personal struggle involved for him in this area. :o)

Morgan had Show & Tell this morning in her class. She was very proud to bring in the Paint Your Own Umbrella given to her by Brendan's sister, which she decorated while we were up in Wisconsin. It was very cute, and I'm sure her presentation was full of cuteness, too. They talked about Fire Safety in her class, and I think I have some homework to do--we're going to have fire drills around here! Not a bad idea, really.

I took a peek at the website for the Taekwondo School and learned that Ryan did indeed earn his Purple Belt, so there will be a presentation tonight after class. He keeps saying he's having a "lucky" day because of the trophies and his new TKD belt. I keep reminding him that he is having a "great day because he's earned it." No Luck Necessary.

Oh, and I completely forgot to share with you our new favorite saying for cold weather, which Brendan taught the kids while we were up north. You wanna hear it? Well, okay then!

It's cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey!

Even more amusing than the phrase itself (which doesn't ezackly mean what you might think) is hearing Morgan or Ryan say it often and with vigor, particularly to people who aren't used to us or our ways (Brendan's relatives, for example).

Use it in your conversation today! I guarantee smiles! :o)


C. August said...

Brendan got himself a real job? You can tell him from me: I's so proud he's all grow'd up!

Rational Jenn said...

He did. He wasn't really looking for a "real" job, but the business-to-business contracts were scarce. This opportunity pretty much fell in his lap (there's a guy there he used to work with who recommended him). Given the state of the economy (and our finances), he couldn't turn it down. :o) RTS is still ongoing--he has many clients for whom he provides hosting, but it's easy to manage while workin' for a livin'.

Wendy Hawksley said...

Congratulations to Ryan on his achievements! A new belt is always exciting! (Gavin had his first belt test last Friday and we were thrilled.)

And the Sportsmanship Trophy? Awesome!

Good to know that work is going well for Brendan. :)

Is Morgan now a fire safety expert, telling everyone how to "Stop, Drop and Roll", crawl to avoid smoke, etc.?