Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yaron Brook at Georgia Tech!

I'm excited to be going to Yaron Brook's talk at Georgia Tech next week! If you aren't familiar with Dr. Brook, he's the President and Executive Director of the Ayn Rand Institute. He also has been featured on Pajamas TV, ARC TV, and Fox News, among other venues.

The talk happens to fall on our regular babysitting night, so I don't even need to scramble to find a sitter. :o) YAY!

Here's the relevant information (via Diana Hsieh, and thanks for suggesting I blog this!):

Dr. Yaron Brook will be speaking in Atlanta on Tuesday, November 3rd at 7:00pm. The title of the talk is "Capitalism Without Guilt: The Moral Case for Freedom". In this talk Dr. Brook will argue that today’s crisis is a failure of the un-free market, and explain why the free market has taken the blame for a crisis caused by government intervention.

The event is hosted by the Georgia Tech Students of Objectivism. The talk is located on Georgia Tech's campus in the Instructional Center, Room 105.

There is no RSVP required. Please contact dhthomps@gatech.edu with any questions.

Thanks to the Georgia Tech Students of Objectivism group for hosting this event! I plan to do a short write up of the event here on the blog.


Hanah said...

Ooh, interesting! I might go. It's been years since I went to an Objectivist event.

Rational Jenn said...

You should go! We have quite a crowd planning to attend. Would love to meet you--didn't know you were in the ATL. :o)

Hanah said...

I'll see whether I can swing it. It would definitely be interesting to meet after reading so much of your blog! We live in the Emory area.