Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another Bloggy Milestone

Today, according to Sitemeter, I reached 75,000 hits! Lucky # 75,000 was a visitor from Rangoon, Myanmar. Pretty cool.

In honor of this occasion, and partly inspired by some recent Twittering, I thought I'd share with you some of the most amusing search phrases that have brought people to my blog recently.

In any given week, I get quite a few hits from people searching phrases you might expect if you've read my blog at all for any length of time. Some of these phrases include:

  • American Community Survey and other Census-related queries
  • Discipline without punishment
  • Leaving Dish Network (or downgrading Dish Network)
  • I hate Quickbooks
  • Ayn Rand and children

Okay, pretty predictable. I think it's hilarious, though, that I still get so much traffic from my snarky Quickbooks and Dish Network posts. :o)

But now for some more amusing search phrases (from the last three weeks or so):

  • what is the rational fear name for dust mites (Dur. Dust-mite-phobia!)
  • the benefits to using force on your child (Force? Or The Force?)
  • what is the limit to what parents can force their children to do (You know something? I've been wondering the same thing myself.)
  • your the parent they are the child end of story car seat (So "car seat" is sort of the Epilogue in this tale.)
  • what and where are barrens in a suv infiniti qx4 located? (If I knew what barrens are, I could maybe help you. However if you mean "bairns" then they're located in the back, strapped in their car seats.)
  • how to use the force in real life (Well, see, first you gotta have midichlorians. Then you need to visit Yoda for some training. And then you gotta construct your light saber. And then you need to realize that hokey religions and ancient weapons are just really no match for a good blaster at your side, give the whole thing up, maybe go to graduate school, and find another career.)
  • lyrics for epipen (O Epipen, O Epipen, thy needle's so life-saving!)
  • numia vs outright (Numia. Every time.)
  • forcing ones will upon child (Mine prefers if I force twenties on him. He gets richer quicker that way.)
  • little my works might and despair (Might what? I'm dying to know. Is that why there's despair, because of the not knowing what the works might do?)
  • does a girl like me if she hugs and clings to me? (Yes.)
  • polian godboy (WTF?)
  • punishing kids bare feet (Well, mine act like wearing shoes is a punishment, so can't help you there.)
  • what's the most hated phrase parents use on kids (I just asked the kids. Ryan's answer: "Clean up." Morgan's answer: "Washing." There you go!)
  • i'm going to disneyland with my friends were each paying for our selfs how much money shold i take (Answer: Take out a mortgage. That'll last you about three days.)
However you got here, thanks for coming!


Natailya Petrova said...

Rational Jenn,

Would you by chance have an email address? I am at a loss as to how to contact you. I have an Objectivist related writing project and would like to converse with you.


Amy said...

Hilarious! I love it. Hey, when did you change the subtitle of your blog?

Rational Jenn said...

Natailya, I have listed my email in my profile now.

Amy, thanks for linking on your blog! I changed the subtitle a few days ago. I've been bored with it for a while, and since I'm about to turn 39, the "29-several-times" gag just wasn't ringing true! It's kind of blah still I think, but I got tired of waiting until I'd perfected it. Sometimes you just need to go with what you've got!