Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Bloggy Milestone

I'm not sure what it is about numbers-ending-in-zero--why they're more noteworthy than, say, numbers-ending-in-eight--but there is a certain mystique about the zero, isn't there?

Just now I noticed that there are 200 subscribers to Rational Jenn via Google Reader! WOO! Welcome, and hi, and thanks for reading and commenting. That is rather a large-ish number.

I also have 44 followers via Blogger, and I'm sure there are other subscribers via other feed readers. So WOO! and Hello to you, too! (Does anybody know if there's one place you can go to determine a blog's total subscriber-ship?)

Thanks again for stopping by! And I'll endeavor to write something semi-interesting soon to entice you to keep coming back. In fact, I'm considering several topics right now, since I have a lot of laundry and housework I really ought to be doing I am fully dedicated to keeping my readers (not to mention ME!) semi-interested in this blog. :o)


Beth said...

How do you even check to see how many subscribe to you via Google Reader?

Rational Jenn said...

Hi Beth! If you go under "Browse for Stuff" and then click "Search" on the header, you can search for key words. Search on your blog, and the search results show the number of subscribers.

Jason said...

Feedburner will tell you how many people are using RSS to read your blog.