Friday, November 20, 2009

Good Things, Holiday Edition (Brought to you by Procrastination)

First, before this thought falls out of my head and I forget to mention it, check out the 123rd edition of the Objectivist Round Up, hosted by my friend C. August! Guaranteed to make you THINK! (We really put out some good stuff, we OBloggers, don't we?) I'm hosting the Thanksgiving Edition next week, and I invited all Objectivist Bloggers to submit a post, especially if you've got one on the theme of Giving Justice.

We have another exciting weekend brewing. We're heading up to the cabin this afternoon (laundry- and kid-willing) to decorate it for the holidays (which is, of course, the whole reason I'm writing this blog post, so I don't have to face laundry, packing, and/or whining). This pre-holiday cabin visit typically occurs during the second weekend of November, but we couldn't do it last weekend because we had renters! This has been our best rental season yet (we're three years into it), in spite of the awfulness of the economy. I actually think that the downturn has worked out in our favor because people still have enough disposable income to take a long weekend here and there, but don't want the additional travel expenses of flying or driving for a long distance. The cabin is less than 2 hours from downtown Atlanta, fairly inexpensive especially if you split the cost among families, and of course it's gorgeous up there in the mountains! Sadly, we can't just take this extra rental income and play with it--it'll all go toward refinishing the deck sometime during the winter in preparation for next rental season.

Our cabin trip has turned into one of our family Holiday Activities, so it feels to me like the holiday season is really here. We even took Sean to see Santa at the mall the other day. I now have pictures of all three of my kids as babies and also at about a year-and-a-half with Santa. So cute. The Big Kids have never wanted to go back and see him (in the photo-op sense), although they were very helpful in getting Sean to kinda sorta smile at the camera (both Ryan and Morgan are screaming in their toddler/SC pics, evidently because they lacked two older siblings to scream and jump up and down during the photo session). Santa asked R & M what they wanted for Christmas and they jabbered his ear off. First time either of them has EVER told SC what they wanted for Christmas, which is good because now I have a couple new ideas. Ryan politely refrained from mentioning that he (Santa) is dead, not real and/or really really old. I call that a successful Santa trip!

Another Holiday Activity--my birthday, which is tomorrow! Since my birthday comes close to, but never actually on, Thanksgiving, it's always been part of the holidays. I know you celebrate it, too. The Holidays just seem a little "off" without a Jenn Birthday Celebration, right? :o) So even though we're going to the cabin ostensibly to Work Hard Like Peopleguys, we're also planning to have some fun, too. A few friends will join us, which will be nice. I'm going to try to take the kids Christmas card picture up there in the beeeeyoootiful scenery. I'm sure there will be a bottle (or two) of my favorite wine.

And then, back here on Sunday for Football! and the final push toward Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to a light week of kid activities, the possibility of Brendan getting off of work a bit early on Wednesday (maybe?), and a fun relaxing Thanksgiving filled with good food, good friends, and of course, the Macy's Parade.

Oh yes, it's beginning to feel a lot like the Holidays! And THAT is a Good Thing. :o)


Rosalie said...

Jenn--HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Tomorrow is actually my birthday, too. I hope it's a good one for both of us. :o)

Martin Lindeskog said...


Happy birthday!

I will submit an entry to the Objectivist Round Up.

I am starting a new carnival on November 28. It is called #GoodThing in Life Carnival & Chat. This first edition will be dedicated to the Thanksgiving in Jamestown, Virginia. Please read my post, Blog Carnival, for more information.


Lynne said...

Happy Birthday, Jenn! I hope you have/had fun at the cabin.