Thursday, November 05, 2009

Good Things (Thursday Edition)

The latest Objectivist Round Up is hosted by NoodleFood this week! I have two posts included, which is highly unusual for me. (Actually I was unsure of whether to submit the second post, given I'd already put one in, but I decided to go for it--call it administrator's privilege!)

I have a cold, which is not really the Good Thing. But! My thoughtful daughter, all on her own, brought me a blanket and a pillow while I was sitting on the couch. THAT was a really Good Thing. I wasn't even actually trying to rest (for as you know, Mommies don't get Sick Days), but I stayed where I was for a few extra minutes and snuggled with her. She really is naturally sweet. :o)

One of the best pictures ever taken of Sean is over at my Facebook page (are we friends yet?). It was taken yesterday at one of our homeschool co-ops by a friend of mine. SO adorable, if I do say so myself.

Ryan is writing a sequel to Home Alone, which is one of his favorite movies of all time (what's not to enjoy about a smart boy kicking some Bad Guy booty?). Ryan's starring in this sequel, and he's calling it Home Alone 7.5. Because have you noticed that a child's favorite number often coincides with his exact age? It does, hence the sequel title. He told me the plot this morning, and his narration lasted about as long as the actual movie might, should it ever actually be produced. :o)


Alexmum said...

Hi Jenn. I am contacting you to ask if you would mind speaking to me - we are likely to be moving to Atlanta mid next year. My son is PA and we are finding the prospect of living in the 'peanut centre of US' very daunting. Have tried joing the Atlanta allergy support group but have been waiting about a month to be approved.. still no joy. Would appreciate any help or advice / re-direction you can provide - thankyou.... Ruth.

Rational Jenn said...

Hi Ruth! I'm a member of the Atlanta Allergy Group (on Yahoo, yes?)--I'll send them an email and tell them you're waiting on approval. It shouldn't take a month, so I'm wondering if the admin didn't get the message. You might want to try again, too.

Of course I don't mind talking to you about your move. :) Yes, Georgia is the peanut capital of the US--we produce half of the peanuts used domestically, last time I checked. But that fact doesn't really impact us any more than living in another part of the US would. I suppose if we lived in central/southern GA, where most of the farms are, we might have to be extra vigilant when outside or something.

One thing about living in the South, and this isn't just Georgia, but all of the southern States, is that there tend to be more peanuts on sale at the stores than in other areas of the US. And Hot Boiled Peanuts are a staple at county fairs and roadside stands. (I think they're nasty anyway--that we even before we had kids!)

I don't think there's much different about living in GA PA-wise than other parts of the US. If you have specific questions, please feel free to email me at rationaljenn @ gmail . com. We'll have to meet up once you get here!