Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Good Things!

1. I've been cleaning cleaning cleaning! My, my. How productive of me. There are surfaces in the kitchen that are showing for the first time in, uh, an embarrassingly long time. :o)

2. I finally caught up on Sean's baby book! I was so good about Ryan's baby book (of course, because he was the only one for a while) and pretty good about Morgan's baby book (still pretty easy with just two kids). I've been horrible about updating Sean's. Thankfully, I kept some monthly notes on my iPhone and looking back through my blog helped me get some of Seanie's milestones in the right spots.

3. Catching up on Sean's baby book (and throwing a few things each in Ryan's and Morgan's books, too) was FUN. Looked through zillions of pictures of my adorable babies. That provides hours of entertainment for me--and for most parents, I would imagine.

4. I found canned pumpkin stuff at the store (did you know there's a shortage going on?), so all of my pumpkin pie-loving guests will get their fix. Not me, mind you. I think pumpkin anything is really nasty. I'm holding out for key lime pie.

5. Last night, I designed and ordered our Christmas cards on Snapfish. They are so freaking cute I can hardly stand it! And hopefully once our technical difficulties have been solved (yay for techie hubbies!) I'll get the 2010 calendar (filled with pictures of The People) planned out. We always give one to all of the grandparents and great-grandparents from the kids. It's pretty inexpensive--so inexpensive, in fact, that I can order a couple of extras to put in the kids' baby books! And there's one more Sean chore I need to complete--his one year photo album. (He's 17 months old, that's how bad I am!) I'm going to take advantage of this whirlwind of productivity to knock that out over the weekend.

6. That's all for now! Tomorrow I bake pies and we tackle the playroom. Once more into the breach!


Cogito said...

How dare you! You've exploited your momniscience to convince my girlfriend to use snapfish! For all I know, you were paid off by big business to advertise for them, and without some disclaimer to that effect my girlfriend is powerless to resist using the product!

Stella Zawistowski said...

If you're ever in NYC, there's nothing better. Too bad they've stopped delivering pies on dry ice the way they used to!


Crimson Wife said...

I keep hearing about the pumpkin filling shortage but there's TONS of it in the grocery stores in my area.