Monday, November 02, 2009

Jane Nelsen Coming to Atlanta!

Awesome! Jane Nelsen, author of the Positive Discipline books, is going to be in Atlanta on December 2 and December 3. She'll be giving a lecture on Wednesday evening, and an all day workshop on Thursday. I am planning to attend both.

From the event page:
Positive Discipline for Developing Capable People

Learn proven, effective non-punitive strategies to help children develop self-discipline, responsibility, cooperation, problem-solving skills, and feelings of competence, confidence, and capability.

Dr. Nelsen’s doctorate degree in Educational Psychology from the University of
San Francisco in 1979 is secondary to the education she achieved from her successes and failures as a mother of seven children and twenty grandchildren She now shares this wealth of knowledge and experience as a popular keynote speaker and workshop leader throughout the country.

I can't wait! Let me know if you're planning to go, too. I'd love to meet you in person if we don't yet know each other. By the way, there's a new Atlanta Group on the Positive Discipline Ning community. In case you were unaware!

Wow--two big lectures on two of my major interests in the next month! Tomorrow night is Yaron Brook at GA Tech, and then next month, Jane Nelsen. AWESOME.

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Dr. Jane Nelsen said...

Jenn, thanks for letting people know. I'm especially looking forward to meeting you. Isn't it fun to meet like-minded friends on the Internet.