Friday, November 13, 2009

My Day in Tweets

I had a fun day on Twitter, so I thought I'd share.

It started off like this:

Really need to get going on some housework, but flirting with my hubby on the email instead. :o)

A couple hours later:

Just said: "Do not put chicken down your pants!"

To which @foodphilosophy responded:
This is why I have plants instead of spawn. RT @rationaljenn: Just said: "Do not put chicken down your pants!"

Then, in the afternoon, I experienced a problem that will be familiar to parents of more than one child:

Mom Dilemma: Settle baby back to sleep, or put a stop to forbidden water hose fight going on outside? Right. Sleep now. Mud later.

I was STUCK there, trying to get Sean back to sleep, listening to shouts of delight in the backyard.

Sometimes I divide in order to conquer. Sometimes when they're divided, I'm the one who's conquered. #ihavethreekids

Trying hard not to think about how insanely messy and wet they are. Not succeeding. #imoutnumberedandtheyknowit

Oh dear. One of them just shouted "Let's make a moat!" Whyohwhy won't the baby settle all the way back down? #mommyreallyneedsacocktail

Aaaaand now Ryan's talking about a waterfall.... #goingtomyhappyplacenow

Finally, Sean just woke up and I took a couple of pictures: - Morgan makes a waterfall.... - ...that stretches all the way to the other side of the yard.

And evidently I amused several people, each of whom took the time to write. My response:

@9to5to9 @foodphilosophy @deejf @aparentleigh :D If you can't get completely filthy once in a while, then what's the point of being a kid?

Another of my tweeps (@LoCoallergylife) picked up on a tag I used, and tweeted:

DS off the bus w/golden behavior ticket, that he really didn't win. He convinced his friend to split it with him #mommyreallyneedsacocktail

And that got me thinking . . . wouldn't it be AWESOME if this tag caught on? We had a quick tweet-conference and shortened it to #mommyneedsacocktail.

Somewhere along the way, we did a little book-learning today. Here's something they learned:

Discussed Achilles & Hector today. R now irritating M by shouting "HECTOR HECTOR HECTOR" in her face. #littlelearningisdangerousthing


I'm eager to get rocking with this new tag! So far, I've tweeted:

Hubby home in 15 minutes! Best part of the week! #mommyneedsacocktail

My kids used the garden hose to create waterfall/moat/muddy river in backyard! #mommyneedsacocktail

Incessant arguing all through Family Movie Night means . . . wait for it . . . #mommyneedsacocktail !

Whatcha think? And YAY for having an iPhone, for otherwise all of my brilliant cleverity would be amusing only me. See how I like to share?

Fun day.


Ansley Cox said...

I LOVE this post! SO FUNNY!

Rational Jenn said...

:o) Never imagined I'd have to tell someone NOT to put chicken down their pants. I mean. Wow.