Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Tweet Cloud

Many of my tweeps are creating their "tweet clouds" today. I'm nothing if not a sucker for an internet time-waster a blind follower of the crowd a measurement freak who enjoys charts and graphs of any sort (a cloud counts!). So of course I generated my tweet cloud for the past year (although I've only been on Twitter 9 or 10 months, maybe).

What I discovered was a pleasant little view of the things I think and write about often. It is a nice picture of my daily life, and reflects my happiness with the way things are in my life. My most used words (from highest to lowest frequency) are:

  • kids
  • thanks
  • baby
  • time
  • ryan
  • love
  • blog
  • post
  • food
  • sean
  • morgan
  • hope
  • house
  • maybe
  • funny
  • allergy
  • night
  • little
  • nice
  • happy
  • tonight
  • objectivist
  • getting
  • party
  • okay
  • trying
  • sleep
  • hard
  • round
  • week
I just love it! All of my kids made the list. Many of the words describe how I generally feel, such as love and funny and nice and happy and thanks and hope and trying and hard and okay. Several of my great passions are also represented (besides the kids): Objectivist, sleep, food, allergy, and blog. (Apparently I ought to tweet about Brendan more often, but let the record show that he is intimately involved in those happy and love and funny words!)

A nice little exercise, and on a day when I needed a little optimism. :o)

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