Thursday, November 12, 2009

Soldiers on Saturday!

Wow. It's as if the Peopleguys at the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History went out of their way to set up an event just for Ryan. Guess what we're doing on Saturday?

It's called Through the Ages: A Living History Timeline

Experience living and military history up close and personal! See first-hand weapon demonstrations from swords to cannons and rifles, as well as military vehicles and flag displays.

You'll see soldiers - from Romans to World Wars I and II and modern day! Experience daily life throughout time from farming to doll making to metalworking. You'll even get to meet historical characters like Abraham Lincoln and Queen Elizabeth I. It’s happening right here in Kennesaw!

Adult admission ($5) and children 4-12 ($3). Kids FREE 3 and under!

If you're going to be in north Atlanta this weekend (and of course you are, yes?), then click here for more information.

Roman soldiers! Can you imagine?

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