Monday, November 09, 2009

Some Things I'm Enjoying

I took a semi-intentional break from blogging over the weekend, while I rested a little and spent some of that quality time with family and friends. That was a good be-cision (Ryan's old word) on my part. I'm feeling mostly better today.

I've been organizing the house a little bit today, too. Brendan finally got all of his furniture out of his old office (with a little help from our friends). So now we have a new-to-us couch in The Music Room (so-called because the piano lives there), which is also home to our educational books (science, history, literature). I think the couch will become the preferred cozy spot to curl up and read about Odysseus or Reptiles.

In addition to our new couch, here are a few other things I've been enjoying lately (in random brain-dump order):

Principles of a Free Society
, a new(ish) website by the folks at the Ayn Rand Institute. I particularly like the section about the Four Separations (Church, Education, Economy, and Science), although of course the list of needed separations could be as long as the healthcare bill. But those are the Big Ones needed, and certainly a great place to begin. Good reading there, need to explore some more.

There's a good blog post at Voices for Reason on the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Other posts of note can be found here and here. I was in my freshman year at Purdue twenty years ago, and remember watching the coverage on CNN, which was still new to me at the time. Did you know my grandfather was stationed in Germany when the whole Wall thing began? I think they were in Heidelberg. My dad recalls that my grandfather (who was probably a Major at the time) received some kind of call or summons in the middle of the night and he and half the base disappeared for a few days, I believe to provide some kind of security/American presence in West Berlin. When they returned to base, Things were Different in the World. I celebrate today's anniversary, even as I fret for the future of our country.

On a lighter note, I've enjoyed the new list feature on Twitter! I follow a kajillion people, and love being able to keep tabs on certain groups in an easy way. I have an Objectivist list, a homeschool list, a food allergy list, and a parenting list. I'm still adding to each of them daily.

Let's see . . . what else have I been enjoying? How about this fall weather? October was an unseasonably cool month, but November is shaping up to be the October we didn't get to have. The trees are gorgeous and the last few days have been clear and cool. And we're going to spend the weekend at the cabin soon--it's simply amazing up there at this time of year!

And the Leonids are coming up--don't forget to see them. I watched them for the first time the year I was pregnant with Ryan, so it's got a strong Ryan association for me. Good stuff.

Another thing I'm enjoying is how well Morgan and Ryan have been playing together today. We were going to run errands, but they were having so much fun together I didn't have the heart to make them stop and get in the car. We can always do those errands tomorrow.

Oh! And both of my siblings and their significant others are coming here for Christmas this year. My parents will be in California with my grandmother. This will be the first sibs-only major holiday EVER, I think. I'm sure it will be fun and memorable. The kids are very excited, but I think I'm even more pumped about it than they are!

See? This is how things are different for me now that I'm older and possibly because I'm a mom. Or maybe it's because my birthday's coming up. Dunno. Anyway, ten years ago, a weekend with a cold and other household responsibilities would have been cause for a major grumpus attack. No. Fun. Perspective is a lovely thing.

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Wendy Hawksley said...

Sometimes we do need that break... In fact, rejuvenation seems to be in order for many people lately.

I'm checking out the sites you include, especially Principles of a Free Society!