Friday, December 11, 2009

Another Good, Not-So-Good, and a Really Very Good

Good: Sean can flush the toilet now.

Not-So-Good: Sean doesn't care if you're finished or not.

Heh. Have I mentioned lately how much I love toddlers? I really do--they are such fascinating creatures, and I truly enjoy observing these little humans working so hard to develop their minds and physical skills, and then go where they've never gone before. My toddler is making all of these new connections at such a quick pace that each day with him is actually different. You never know what great new thing he'll figure out next! Sometimes it's awesome; sometimes funny; sometimes heartbreaking; sometimes it's just plain trouble. Keeps a Mommy on her toes.

And now for some Really Very Good (and on a completely different subject): The latest Objectivist Round Up is waiting for you at Titanic Deck Chairs!

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