Friday, December 11, 2009

Exchange of the Day

Ryan ran outside to play with the ice he found on the balcony--without a coat, shoes or socks ('cause, with the ice). He came back inside immediately, saying "I need my coat!"

He grabbed his coat and started (so I thought) back out the door, and I said "You might want to consider shoes and socks, too."

"Well I KNEW that! Do you see me running around here, looking for my shoes?"

Okay. Yes. He's bright enough to figure that out himself. No need for me to have said that. Still, that's no call to be rude, since I was just trying to be helpful.

So I said: "Um. I was just trying to be helpful . . . " (And intended to continue with a statement about how there was really no call for the rudeness.)

He interrupted with: "Yes, you know? You're right. You were trying to be helpful. In fact, your suggestion is what made me look for my shoes because that was sure a helpful suggestion. So I would like to say 'Thank you' for your helpful suggestion! Oh hey! There are my shoes! Bye!" And he disappeared.

And he was seriously thanking me! (A sarcastic version of this exchange lies in our future, somewhere around teenager-hood, I suspect.)

He. Was. Actually. Thanking. Me. For. Being. Helpful. AND! He backed off of his rudeness all on his own.

I don't quite know what to do with this. Except enjoy the moment! WOW.

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