Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Good (and The Not-So-Good)

Good: Sean can get his own diapers out of the diaper drawer.

Not-So-Good: Sean doesn't know that he can only wear one diaper at a time, so he usually brings me all of the diapers.

Good: Ryan dislikes fizzy drinks, such as soda.

Not-So-Good: Ryan doesn't understand that fizzy drinks, such as soda, ought not to be shaken up just prior to opening them. (For reasons unclear to me, we A.) possess a 2 liter bottle of ginger ale and B.) he wanted to taste some. Only. With the shaking.)

Good: Sean is happy to throw things in the trash for us. What a little helper.

Not-So-Good: Sean does not understand the distinction between Trash and Not-Trash. What a little helper.

Good: It's 65 degrees sunny today, after many, many days of cold rain.

Not-So-Good: Morgan doesn't remember that many, many days of cold rain means that there will be tons and tons of mud outside on this sunshiny day. She also forgets that after she's gotten really muddy and caked her shoes with mud, that running through the house at break-neck speed is a recipe for a head injury. Not to mention vacuuming.


Hanah said...

Only one diaper at a time? You're thinking too small!

Rina said...

Haha you have to love how much extra work that helpful kids create.