Friday, December 18, 2009

Good Things (Friday before Christmas Edition)

1. We're all done with kid activities for three weeks! Well, except for Taekwondo, which goes all the time. :o) Although there's a less rigorous TKD schedule for the next couple of weeks, so that will feel like a vacation! I'm told that Ryan will be prepared to test for blue belt by the end of January/beginning of February.

2. After just a really hard week with Sean (for him--he's still a piece of cake, really--baby cakey goodness, that one), I think I finally figured out what is going on with him. He has been unusually cranky and his sleep has been awful. He's demanding and easily frustrated, beyond normal toddler stuff. For a few days I was convinced he was coming down with something. But then I realized that he's also been expanding his vocabulary at the rate of about 10 words a day. There's the answer, right there. Why oh why do I always seem to forget that when a child is going through a huge brain development leap that they are cranky and irritable and nobody sleeps well? You'd think by the third kid I'd have figured this out! So his brain is really doing some major development. Words he's added in just the past couple of days include: achoo, nose, tree, tractor ("dackder"), yeah, wheel, ouch, and so many more I can't keep track. Granted, most people outside of our family might not recognize them for what they are, but he's got 'em! And he's beginning to string them together in twos and threes. He's been doing the two-word "sentence" thing for a while now, but he's moving beyond the "bye-bye Daddy, bye-bye Mommy" theme. Now that I'm pretty sure what's going on with him, it's easier for me to deal, even during the restless nights.

3. Morgan drew me a picture of roast beef yesterday that I just can't stop laughing about.

Morgan drew me a picture of one of her favorite things: roast... on Twitpic

The reason she has such a weird expression on her face is that she was actually saying "Roast Beef" while I took the picture with my cell phone.

4. I think we're going to decorate the house this weekend! My brother is coming Wednesday, my sis and her hubby are coming the next day (I think). We saw each other at Disney in October, and had so much fun. I'm so happy that I have nice adult siblings and that we all really enjoy each other's company. I'm especially glad my brother has decided to reciprocate emails and suchlike because for a while there, nobody ever really knew if he was still actually alive. ;) Yay for Facebook, because that's really helped us stay in touch. (Ahem, to my sister who is NOT on FB! Although we're pretty good at staying in touch, even pre-FB.) I'm planning a whiz-bang Christmas dinner--turkey and maybe ham and lots of yummy sides. And I think I'll try to make a flourless chocolate cake for the dessert (via Diana). I've tried one at a local tapas restaurant and it was yummy. And if something can be that yummy and chocolate without flour, then so much the better!

5. In general, life 'round these here parts is very good and happy! I'm working on a couple more substantial posts (one about homeschooling, which I feel like I never mention or write about, but we are actually doing academic stuff on a semi-regular basis).

Hope things are happy with you, too!

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jody said...

Love the roast beef picture! When my niece was very little and her vocabulary was expanding, she would get very frustrated when she was not understood. It could be hard to understand her because when she said "foot" she could mean foot, but she could also be referring to her leg or shoe. "Hot" meant the stove was hot but she also used it to warn you to keep away from the rosebush, so "hot" really meant "pain."