Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Brain is on Vacation

I have many interesting things which I'd love to write about, but my brain keeps shouting to me "It's Christmas Vacation!" And so I think I must listen to my own brain (which I find to be a good thing to do in general).

My brother arrives this evening, my sister and her husband tomorrow. (And as a very special bonus, my brother's girlfriend arrives the day after Christmas and we all get to meet her for the first time!)

Today, we will FINALLY decorate the house: putting ornaments on the tree, wreath on the door, nutcrackers out in full technicolor display . . . somewhere Sean-proof (is there a Sean-proof place in the house though? THAT is the question.).

I have a zillion gifts to wrap and/or place in shopping bags with artfully arranged tissue paper. An upstairs bathroom that needs fixing. More cookies to bake. Final groceries to acquire (we're having my world-famous bacon-and-eggs for Christmas breakfast!). Songs to sing. Hugs to give and receive. Children to chill (because WOW are they ever bouncing off of the walls and driving me--and each other--crazy). Space for a grandfather clock to create.

THE BEATLES ROCK BAND TO SET UP. (Brendan and I might take a sneak peek, just to make sure it's all functioning properly. Uh, yeah, that's right. We're taking one for the team.)

So Merry Christmas for now! I'll check in briefly tomorrow (for 'tis the season for the next Objectivist Round Up), but after that, I can't quite guarantee when I'll be back.

May your days be merry and bright!

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jody said...

Happy Holidays! Have a great time with the family!