Sunday, December 20, 2009

Some Funny

Somehow or other, the children have been more amusing than usual lately. (I love my job!) Here's a rundown of some funnies from just the last few days.

Sean learned a new word, cookie. Only he pronounces it backwards, so it's kee-koo.

Also, he's a dancer. When there's music going (which is often), he dances by leaning slowly to one side and then the next, going on up and down on his tiptoes occasionally. I must get this on video.

The other night while we mustering the troops for a minivan-related mission, I called "Ten-HUT!" The older two snapped to attention, and then so did Sean. It was so funny. He stomps one little foot, swings his arms down by his side, and shouts "Oh-AH!" And then grins this funny little grin.

Today, Ryan announced that he is understandable. He meant understanding.

There was a scuffle getting out of the car and Morgan sort of pushed Ryan out. Brendan called her on it, and she denied having done it. Brendan told her, "That's not what my eyes told me. I saw you do it." She replied, "Well, then you misunderlooked." (A type of visual misunderstanding, I take it.)

Morgan was looking at the cable remote control and asked Brendan, "Does this say On Demon?" Brendan: "No, that's On Demand." Morgan: "Oh good. I'd hate for it to be On Demon because that would scare me. I HATE demons!"

During our Cookie Day festivities, Ryan was talking our ears off, as he is wont to do. One of the best things he said was "Hey, did you know I have a special way to burp while I'm cooking something? It's called an inside burp. See, what I do is burp, only I keep my mouth closed, like this. [demonstrates] Then what happens is that the burp bounces all around inside my mouth, but doesn't escape. And that's good, because I don't think people would want burp smell all over the cookies." !!!!!

Good Day. :o)


Lynne said...

Depending on what I've ordered from Comcast, I might have to go with Morgan's original impression of the "On Demon" thing.

Rina said...

Haha kids just say the darnest things.

Michael Garrett said...

"Misunderlooked" really got me laughing. It'll be a shame in the butt if that one doesn't catch on.