Monday, December 07, 2009

A Wee Beebee Story

Not too long ago, Sean made an important discovery: his beebee.

It happened during a diaper change. He reached down, grabbed it and said "ooooh!" in a wondering sort of way.

I said: "Yes. That's your penis."

S, curiously: "Beebee?"

Me: "Yes. Penis."

S, as if greeting a long lost war buddy: "Beebee!!!!!!"

Since that moment, Sean has been a big fan of his beebee. He likes to visit with it during diaper changes and bath time and naked time. He likes to talk about it. He wonders where it goes when it's hidden by pants, grabbing his crotch and asking "Where beebee?" and "Beekboo beebee!" [Peekaboo, penis!]

We sometimes struggle with each other over the beebee. He likes to hold it, which can cause problems during certain types of diaper changes (if you know what I mean). Then he yells and squirms: "Nooooo! Beebeeeeeeee! MomMY! Nooooo!!!" But when the struggles are over, he gets to visit it, and when it's time to put the diaper back on, he says "Bye-bye beebee."

One day, I know he won't need me any more. But he'll always have his beebee.


Ansley said...

...and it won't ever stop! I wonder what it's like to be so fascinated by a body part.

C. August said...

Oh my. I hope you have the Sandra Boynton Belly Button Book.

From memory:

"This tiny hippopotamus has something small to say, and if you listen closely, he'll say it right away..."

"Bee-bo!" (looking down at his belly button)

"We hippos love our belly-b's, they're round and cute and funny.
And we love to take them out when summer days are sunny."

And then at the end, with snow on the ground, it says about showing off their bee-bo's

"No, never in cold wintertime, when belly buttons hide."

(tiny hippo says) "Bye bye, bee-bo!"

Rational Jenn said...

Ansley, yes. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

C.--I have no idea how on earth we missed this Boynton book! We have tons, but not that one. Now I want it! I think Sean will really like it.

And I can't believe I forgot to mention how he likes to see if he can poke it back inside his body!!!! That is so funny to me. (By the way, he can.) Ryan was more scrotally focused, and used to stretch it waaaaaaay out there. Boys are funny.

Mike said...

It's times like this that I'm actually feeling a little better about only having daughters so far. :)

Jennifer B said...

Okay, that is very funny, especially one of my guys was similarly enthralled at that age.